ELEMNT ROAM v2 (2022) Firmware Release Notes

This page contains firmware release notes for the ELEMNT ROAM v2 (2022) bike computer, identifiable by its raised front buttons.


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16781 - 15 May, 2024


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16772 - 11 April, 2024

  • Added: Music control page toggle for BOLT v2 and ROAM v2
  • Fixed: Certain crashing when lights were being used
  • Fixed: Trek Commute Pro RT Unresponsive after pairing to ELEMNT


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16764 - 26 March, 2024

  • Added: Smart Light Control - Control your ANT+ enabled lights from your ELEMNT
  • Added: Music Control - Control music or podcasts on the go from on your ELEMNT
  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16736 - 20 March, 2024

  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16708 - 5 March, 2024

  • Added: Dark mode
  • Updated: Improved Summit Segments Time To Go algorithm
  • Fixed: Some planned workout names were incorrect
  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16525 - 5 December, 2023

  • Updated: World maps
  • Fixed: Turn-by-turn alerts are shown too early in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Duplicate batteries being shown for ANT+ Radar devices
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements



ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16476 - 7 November, 2023 

  • Fixed: Grade, ascent, and descent missing on first generation ELEMNT bike computers
  • Fixed: Di2 Shifter batteries not being reported
  • Updated: Main menu scrolling is more responsive


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16473 - 31 October, 2023 

  • Added: Ready to Ride menu screen
  • Added: Electronic shifting battery status now available as a data field
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Known Issue: Shifter battery status shows "n/a" for some systems


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16335 - 19 October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Ascent is higher than expected on flat rides


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16334 - 3  October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16333 - 19 September, 2023 

  • Fixed: TrainingPeaks plans scheduled for today/tomorrow were missing from the planned workouts list
  • Fixed: Some route files (.gpx) failed to import


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16331 - 6 September, 2023 

  • Updated: Improved GRADE data response
  • Fixed: GPX route files may not display turn-by-turn directions
  • Fixed: Speed/Distance recorded is doubled, typically when connected to an E-bike
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16244 - 16 August, 2023

  • Updated: Increased maximum route length limit for generating on device turn-by-turn directions


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16242 - 9 August, 2023

  • New: Added support for Schwalbe AIRMAX TPMS sensor
  • Updated: Improved handling of speed/cadence sensors that stop transmitting data
  • Fixed: Shimano power meters do not promptly reconnect after interruption
  • Fixed: Summit Freeride climbs may not work when riding under 10 km/h
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16138 - 27 June, 2023


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16044 - 20 June, 2023

  • Updated: Freeride climb detection better identifies continuous roads
  • Fixed: Issue affecting planned workouts with long interval descriptions
  • Fixed: A condition causing some Summit Segments (on-route) climbs to disappear when beginning a climb
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit Race missing power targets
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit missing course points and course sectors
  • Fixed: Crash when pairing a sensor
  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting
  • Fixed: FIT file does not contain L/R bit for balance data with certain power meters


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-15944 - 2 June, 2023

  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting

ELEMNT ROAM WC35-15943 - 9 May, 2023

  • Improved: boot times.


ELEMNT ROAM WC31-15943 - 2 May, 2023

  • New Feature: Summit Freeride - Upcoming climbs are detected without a route loaded
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

ROAM WC31-15784 - 22 March, 2023

  • Improved: GPS performance in weak signal areas
  • Improved: Accuracy of battery percentage
  • Improved: GPS chip power consumption 


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15784 - 1 February, 2023

  • Added: Support for off-road routes with Trailforks
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15592 - 16 November, 2022

  • Added: Summit Segments Climb page customization
  • Improved: Route sync from ELEMNT app


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15475 - 4 November, 2022

  • Fixed: Pagination for users with custom pages, when using Routes / Summit Segments


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15473 - 2 November, 2022

  • Fixed: An issue causing blank maps for some users


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15469 - 31 October, 2022

  • Added - Support for Summit Segments
  • Added - Public Route Sharing


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15323 - 4 October, 2022

  • Initial Release for New ELEMNT ROAM
  • Added: Outdoor workouts with Wahoo X 
  • Added: Support for Supersapiens Continuous Glucouse Monitor
  • Added: ELEMNT Backup and Restore

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