ELEMNT ROAM v2 (2022) Firmware Release Notes

This page contains current and historical release notes for firmware updates to the ELEMNT ROAM v2 (2022) bike computer.

For firmware installation, see How To Update Firmware on the ELEMNT / BOLT / ROAM ?

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For app updates, see ELEMNT Companion App Release Notes (iOS) or ELEMNT Companion App Release Notes (Android).


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16476 - 7 November, 2023 

  • Fixed: Grade, ascent, and descent missing on first generation ELEMNT bike computers
  • Fixed: Di2 Shifter batteries not being reported
  • Updated: Main menu scrolling is more responsive


ELEMNT ROAM WC46-16473 - 31 October, 2023 

  • Added: Ready to Ride menu screen
  • Added: Electronic shifting battery status now available as a data field
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Known Issue: Shifter battery status shows "n/a" for some systems


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16335 - 19 October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Ascent is higher than expected on flat rides


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16334 - 3  October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16333 - 19 September, 2023 

  • Fixed: TrainingPeaks plans scheduled for today/tomorrow were missing from the planned workouts list
  • Fixed: Some route files (.gpx) failed to import


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16331 - 6 September, 2023 

  • Updated: Improved GRADE data response
  • Fixed: GPX route files may not display turn-by-turn directions
  • Fixed: Speed/Distance recorded is doubled, typically when connected to an E-bike
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16244 - 16 August, 2023

  • Updated: Increased maximum route length limit for generating on device turn-by-turn directions


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16242 - 9 August, 2023

  • New: Added support for Schwalbe AIRMAX TPMS sensor
  • Updated: Improved handling of speed/cadence sensors that stop transmitting data
  • Fixed: Shimano power meters do not promptly reconnect after interruption
  • Fixed: Summit Freeride climbs may not work when riding under 10 km/h
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16138 - 27 June, 2023


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-16044 - 20 June, 2023

  • Updated: Freeride climb detection better identifies continuous roads
  • Fixed: Issue affecting planned workouts with long interval descriptions
  • Fixed: A condition causing some Summit Segments (on-route) climbs to disappear when beginning a climb
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit Race missing power targets
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit missing course points and course sectors
  • Fixed: Crash when pairing a sensor
  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting
  • Fixed: FIT file does not contain L/R bit for balance data with certain power meters


ELEMNT ROAM WC35-15944 - 2 June, 2023

  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting

ELEMNT ROAM WC35-15943 - 9 May, 2023

  • Improved: boot times.


ELEMNT ROAM WC31-15943 - 2 May, 2023

  • New Feature: Summit Freeride - Upcoming climbs are detected without a route loaded
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

ROAM WC31-15784 - 22 March, 2023

  • Improved: GPS performance in weak signal areas
  • Improved: Accuracy of battery percentage
  • Improved: GPS chip power consumption 


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15784 - 1 February, 2023

  • Added: Support for off-road routes with Trailforks
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15592 - 16 November, 2022

  • Added: Summit Segments Climb page customization
  • Improved: Route sync from ELEMNT app


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15475 - 4 November, 2022

  • Fixed: Pagination for users with custom pages, when using Routes / Summit Segments


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15473 - 2 November, 2022

  • Fixed: An issue causing blank maps for some users


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15469 - 31 October, 2022

  • Added - Support for Summit Segments
  • Added - Public Route Sharing


ELEMNT ROAM WC19-15323 - 4 October, 2022

  • Initial Release for New ELEMNT ROAM
  • Added: Outdoor workouts with Wahoo X 
  • Added: Support for Supersapiens Continuous Glucouse Monitor
  • Added: ELEMNT Backup and Restore

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