Offline use of SYSTM on iOS and Android

The SYSTM app can be used without an internet connection (offline), even for extended periods.  Your workouts will be saved on your device until the internet connection is restored.  At that time, the workouts will sync to the server.  

SYSTM requires an Internet Connection for the following:

  • When you first sign up for the App to validate your subscription.
  • If you manually log out of SYSTM, an internet connection will be required to log back in. 
  • To download a workout.  This includes No-Vid workouts that don't have a video.
  • To select a new training plan. 
  • To update your 4DP settings
  • To stream a workout.
  • To share a completed workout with a 3rd party platform, such as Strava. 
  • To view completed workouts
  • When your subscription is expired, the app will need a connection to validate that you've renewed.
  • To access in-app links (including links in workout descriptions and training plans)
  • After certain app updates, you will be required to log back into the app.  

How to prepare for being Offline

If you are going to be without internet for a period of time, to ensure that you have access to your app and the content, be sure to:

  • download the workouts you will need ahead of time.
  • apply any training plans you want to follow.
  • stay logged into the app
  • ensure that your subscription is valid for the entire duration, without a renewal period.  (your subscription will require validation on the subscription due date, which will require an internet connection.)
  • turn off your internet connection while you're still in a wifi area to verify that you can use the app, and to prevent any further automatic updates from occurring prior to leaving your internet connection area.  

After you've completed a workout

Workouts will appear on the calendar with sync pending.  When an internet connection is established, these files will automatically sync to the server.  Workout statistics are not available when the workout has not synced.



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