What is Mini-Player Mode?

Mini-Player mode reduces the size of the workout player to only the workout bar, allowing it to be overlayed on other apps or browsers.  Using the workout player in this mode will hide the associated video, but allow you to watch a video on YouTube or other services, or browse other websites while doing your workout.  The Mini-Player will always appear on top of all other apps and browsers. This mode is only available on Windows and Mac platforms.

Clicking the Mini-Player button will cause the workout video portion of the app to disappear. The Mini-Player can be dragged and positioned anywhere on your screen.  It will always appear on top of all other apps/browsers that you have open. 



The workout bar will become translucent and can be moved around the screen by clicking on it and dragging it. 



exit_miniplayer_mode_button.png This button will return the workout player to the regular format. 

The app will automatically return to the full-mode player upon completion of the workout, and the Save screen will appear. 



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