Setting up your workout player display for using RPE

You may wish to remove some of the on-screen metrics in the workout player to only show the ones that are relevant to you.  Some may choose to do this for personal preference, others, depending on what sensors/trainers they can connect. 

See The Perceived Exertion Scale- Training with SYSTM using RPE and How to use an Unsupported Stationary Bike for extra details.


Display Settings

From the workout player, clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner will open the settings panels.  Select DISPLAY from the top of the panel to see what metrics are selected to be on the workout player screen. 

Toggle the ones you wish to not see (or the ones to which you don't have a compatible sensor) to turn them off.  They can all be removed if desired.  Note that Distance and Speed data will not be displayed unless Power is selected and a device is properly connected or configured to report power.



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