ELEMNT RIVAL Firmware Release Notes

This page contains current and historical release notes for firmware updates to the ELEMNT RIVAL Multisport Watch.

For installation instructions, see How to Update ELEMNT RIVAL
For BOLT, see ELEMNT BOLT Firmware Updates; for ELEMNT, see ELEMNT Firmware Updates
For app updates, see ELEMNT App Updates (iOS) or ELEMNT App Updates (Android)


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.57.8 - 7 December, 2023
  • Fixed: Could not select or start a planned workout from the companion app
ELEMNT RIVAL 1.56.34 - 31 October, 2023
  • New: Added support for CORE body temperature sensor
  • New: Add a workout profile directly from the workout profile menu
  • Fixed: Planned workouts from TrainingPeaks are missing data or cannot be selected
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
ELEMNT RIVAL 1.54.31 - 14 December, 2022
  • Added: Toggle to change backlight intensity in System menu
  • Added: Flashlight feature in main menu
  • Updated: Improved file transfer speeds to companion apps; requires companion app support
  • Fixed: Firmware update resulted in a "Verifying..." screen that could not be removed
ELEMNT RIVAL 1.53.35 - 18 November, 2022
  • Updated: GPS connection status user interface in workout and map pages
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
ELEMNT RIVAL 1.53.31 - 3 November, 2022
  • Added: Out-of-range notifications during workouts with a Planned workout or Target plan enabled. Notifications can be customized to sound only, vibration only, both, or off.
  • Added: Support for ANT+ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors. Tire pressure data field can be added to workout pages via the companion app.
  • Added: Companion app connection reminder added as system notification
  • Updated: Improved syncing to the companion app, which enables faster Sleep data results after waking
  • Fixed: Heart rate LEDs would turn on at night
  • Fixed: A repeating alarm would only trigger once
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
ELEMNT RIVAL 1.51.17 - 27 September, 2022
  • Added: Breadcrumb Mapping. Stay on course with the new map page on ELEMNT RIVAL. During any outdoor workout, you can see where you've been and easily find your way back to your starting point. Use your zoom buttons to zoom in and focus on the details, or zoom out and see your entire workout. Keep an eye on this page, as we have more coming your way!
  • Fixed: Planned Workout menu items are inconsistent.
  • Fixed: Users unable to perform factory reset.


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.50.86 - 7 September, 2022

  • Fixed: Improved GPS stability
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.49.91 - 30 August, 2022

  • Added: Sleep Tracking (public beta) - ELEMNT RIVAL can now record your sleep data and display in-depth metrics in the Statistics tab of the ELEMNT App. Metrics include time in each sleep stage, a timeline of sleep stages, progress toward sleep goals, and daily sleep ratings for both overnight sleep and naps.


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.49.85 - 1 August, 2022

  • Fixed: GPS Stability Improvements
  • Fixed: Stability Improvements


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.49.78 - 28 June, 2022

  • Added: Support for Target Plans. From a workout page menu users can select a Target Pace, Power, Heartrate, or Cadence value and receive on-watch feedback showing how they are performing against their target.
  • Updated: User can access stopwatch and timer functions from workout pages
  • Fixed: Laps not recording for Planned Workouts
  • Fixed: Stryd data fields using incorrect value for Critical Power
  • Fixed: Post-workout GPS track incorrect for multisport activities


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.48.25 - 15 June, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.48.24 - 24 May, 2022

  • Fixed: Stability Improvements 

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.48.22 - 16 May, 2022

  • Added: Post-workout summary page now shows completed GPS track
  • Added: Music Control Page for Android devices
  • Fixed: Activities with a Planned Workout combines all laps into a single lap
  • Fixed: Treadmill workouts combine all laps into a single lap
  • Updated: Improved GPS functionality

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.48.15 - 12 April, 2022

  • Fixed: Elevation profile on workouts showing as a flat line for some users.
  • Fixed: Stryd data using incorrect value for Critical Power

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.48.7 - 29 March, 2022

  • Fixed: Crash after quickly dismissing a notification
  • Fixed: Backlight stuck on after a notification

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.47.37 - 17 March, 2022

  • Updated: Deciseconds added to all laps. User will now see tenths of a second on lap notifications and post-workout
  • Updated: Milliseconds added to stopwatch lap notification
  • Fixed: No speed or distance recorded for users with non-wind Stryd sensor
  • Fixed: Crash on factory reset could cause watch to be inoperable
  • Fixed: Strength workouts prompt user to perform spindown when a KICKR is paired
  • Fixed: UI improvements
  • Fixed. Stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.46.63 - 17 February, 2022

  • Added: Drill Mode for Lap Swimming. From the RIVAL menu, users can enable Drill Mode to track distance for any non-freesytle swim stroke. Disabling Drill Mode will prompt users to enter completed distance to be added to their lap swimming workout.
  • Updated: New fonts in the RIVAL menus to increase readability
  • Updated: New menus in RIVAL provide additional details and increase accessibility
  • Fixed: Swim pace uses profile units instead of pool length units resulting in incorrect pace data
  • Fixed: Manual laps can be triggered during multisport transitions.
  • Fixed: Improved Italian translations
  • Fixed: Stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.70 - 28 January, 2022

  • Fixed: Unusually high daily step counts
  • Fixed: Crash while mounted to USB that could result in file system instability

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.69 - 25 January, 2022

  • Updated: Improved algorithm for Current Pace in running profiles

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.68 - 17 January, 2022

  • Added: Improved product success telemetry

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.65 - 14 December, 2021

  • Added: Color zones for RIVAL data fields. Any data field that has an associated color zone will now display on RIVAL workout pages. Non-color data fields can be selected in the ELEMNT App.
  • Updated: Touchless Transitions now uses connected sensor data for more accurate transitions
  • Fixed: Optical HR LEDs remaining on when sensor is toggled off

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.64 - 1 December, 2021

  • Fixed: Stryd Critical Power and Power Zones reset to defaults after reboot
  • Fixed: Crash when dismissing notifications on iOS
  • Fixed: Swimming calorie count overestimation

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.45.61 - 30 November, 2021


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.44.18 - 12 October, 2021

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements 

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.44.16 - 25 August, 2021

  • Added: Race Running mode. Users can now correct the GPS distance on RIVAL to known course markers resulting in more accurate distance and pace metrics.
  • Added: Support for Find My RIVAL & Find My Device. From the RIVAL menu, users can activate sound on their phone to help locate their device. From the ELEMNT Companion App Settings menu, users can activate sound and vibration on ELEMNT RIVAL to help locate their watch.
  • Added: Pin Workout Page. Users can press and hold the zoom buttons to pin any workout page. Navigate to another page during a workout and RIVAL will jump back to the pinned page after 10 seconds.
  • Fixed: Connected sensors only showed data for one workout
  • Fixed: Track Running mode shows incorrect GPS track for some workouts that start off track
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.42.6 - 14 July, 2021

  • Fixed: Total distance for a Planned Workout in Track Mode is incorrect
  • Fixed: Auto-Lap notification should not be showing when Work/Rest timer is enabled

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.41.46 - 1 July, 2021

  • Added: Support for Work / Rest Timer. On the Workout Tab in Companion App or in RIVAL workout menu, users are now able to specify duration for Work and Rest intervals and receive notifications on their RIVAL
  • Added: Support for Simply Powerful Alarm. Users are able to set an alarm in RIVAL menu.
  • Updated: Improved Translations
  • Updated: GPS lock remains on for 2 minutes after completing a workout allowing users to quickly start another workout
  • Fixed: Indoor workout profiles only record heart rate once per minute

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.40.61 - 14 June, 2021

  • Fixed: issue pairing KICKR HEADWIND

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.40.57 - 1 June, 2021

  • Updated: UI improvements for Planned Workouts
  • Fixed: iOS notifications and music control not working after a Bluetooth disconnect

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.40.54 - 25 May, 2021

  • Added: Support for Planned Workouts from TrainingPeaks (instructions here). Cycling, Running, and Swimming workouts will sync to RIVAL through the Workout Tab in the ELEMNT Companion app. A new Dial Page and Graph Page are visible on RIVAL when a workout plan is loaded.
  • Added: HEADWIND control. When paired to a KICKR HEADWIND, RIVAL will have a new page to allow full control of fan settings.
  • Updated: Improved in-workout optical heart rate tracking.
  • Fixed: Stability Improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.39.72 - 29 April, 2021


ELEMNT RIVAL 1.39.70 - 20 April, 2021

  • Added: Track Running workout profile - improves accuracy and GPS location when running on a standard 400m track
  • Updated: New button functions for Planned Multisport Workouts. The manual transition moves from a short press of the lap button to press-and-hold. The revert transition moves from a press-and-hold of the lap button to a press-and-hold the menu button and selecting “Undo Transition.” New UI when the transition is triggered.
  • Fixed: Stability Improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.39.60 - 5 April, 2021

  • Improved: GPS track more accurate in running and walking workout types.
  • Fixed: iOS notifications stop displaying requiring a watch reboot.
  • Fixed: Elevation recording spikes up and down during workouts.
  • Fixed: Elevation workout page showing gaps on the chart.

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.38.46 - 25 March, 2021

  • Added: Stability Improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.38.44 - 10 March, 2021

  • Added: Stability Improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.38.41 - 23 February, 2021

  • Added: Notifications from additional messaging services on iOS: WhatsApp, Signal, Line, Telegram, WeChat
  • Added: Broadcasting Running Pace and Running Cadence from RIVAL via Bluetooth and ANT+
  • Added: Start/Pause reminder will prompt users to start their workout if user is in motion but has not started the workout or has manually paused but not resumed
  • Updated: New Pace Chart workout page for Lap data
  • Updated: Improved notifications delivery on iOS devices.
  • Updated: Improved readability of Pace data in workout
  • Fixed: Stability Improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.2.127 - 15 January, 2021

  • Fixed: File system stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.2.126 - 11 January, 2021

  • Added: Improvements for workout sync

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.2.124 - 15 December, 2020

  • Fixed: GPS dropout during Open Water Swimming
  • Added: Stability improvements

ELEMNT RIVAL 1.2.117 - 17 November, 2020

  • Initial Public Release

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