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ELEMNT Companion App Updates (iOS)

For Android, please see ELEMNT Companion App Updates (Android)


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.15.2 - December 5, 2018

  • FIXED: potential crash related to displaying charts in workout details
  • FIXED: bug when transferring planned workouts



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.15.1 - November 7, 2018

  • FIXED: Sync of Strava private routes
  • FIXED: Power curve not displaying



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.15.0 - October 1, 2018

This release centers around integration with the Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System.

  • ADDED: Integration with the Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System
  • FIXED: "Take Me To" routing option now excludes ferries
  • FIXED: Bug causing TCX and GPX file import failures



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.6 - August 6, 2018

  • FIXED: Various app crashes when paired with ELEMNT/BOLT
  • FIXED: Additional issues surrounding Komoot routes
  • FIXED: Strava live relative effort data field not populating
  • FIXED: Workouts not registering as "finished" in the app
  • FIXED: "Take Me To" automatically reversing route
  • FIXED: ELEMNT/BOLT stuck loading on configuration screen



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.5 - July 18, 2018

  • FIXED: ELEMNT MINI display configuration error
  • FIXED: Incorrect TSS calculation
  • FIXED: Power meter sensor displaying option to set Wheel circumference
  • FIXED: ELEMNT not reconnecting to app after being forgotten in iOS settings
  • ADDED: Integration with SRAM TyreWiz
  • Strava Live Relative Effort
  • FIXED: Duplicate uploads to third parties



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.3 - June 13, 2018

  • FIXED: Bug causing data to not be transferred to the companion app
  • FIXED: Inconsistency with first value displayed on the power training profile screen

  • FIXED: Bug causing non-structured workouts to be synced from Training Peaks

  • FIXED: Bug preventing sharing of lap data to Cycling Analytics

  • FIXED: Bug causing mixed units to reset

  • FIXED: MINI display configuration error

  • FIXED: Strava share bug

  • FIXED: Bug causing green success sharing checkmarks to disappear after reopening app

  • FIXED: Bugs causing UI issues with text placement

  • Translation and typo corrections

  • Crash fixes



ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.2 - April 2, 2018

  • Fixes crash when using non-ASCII characters in a custom page name


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.1 - March 27, 2018

  • Fixed: Strava sharing
  • Fixed: Mixed units resetting


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.14.0 - March 19, 2018

  • Improved the ascent/descent accumulation algorithm when riding slowly
  • Adjusted GPS accuracy limits to reduce GPS dropouts
  • Improved companion app synchronization with ELEMNT over Bluetooth
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.13.3 - January 8, 2018

  • Fixed: Detailed results always show in kilometers
  • Fixed: App update disables live tracking
  • Fixed: Results charts displaying as empty
  • Fixed: Issue that was causing sensor firmware to not update
  • Fixed: Some German translations
  • Fixed: Issue with manually importing GPX routes not showing elevation
  • Fixed: Could not set gear ratio for Shimano Di2
  • Fixed: DropBox sharing issue
  • Fixed: MINI workout sync fail
  • Fixed: Power chart does not display pedal smoothness & torque effectiveness
  • Fixed: AVG HR (Last lap) showing AVG HR (Lap)
  • Added support for TICKR FIT
  • Added support for 2peak sharing
  • Added TBT tutorial page


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.13.2 - December 11, 2017

  • Various crash fixes


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.13.1 - November 27, 2017

  • Various crash fixes


ELEMNT Companion App for iOS 1.13.0 - November 20, 2017

  • Fixed: Dropbox export gets stuck
  • Fixed: Route not shown on Live Track site when route is selected on Boltapp
  • Fixed: MINI elevation not getting calibrated
  • Fixed: BICA crashing on iPhone 4S iOS 9.3.5 when importing routes
  • Fixed: Mixed units are being reset
  • Fixed: After ride the ride map for last ride on results tab is blank=
  • Added support for iPhone X
  • Upgraded maps


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