KICKR v5 (2020) Firmware Release Notes


This page contains firmware update notes for the KICKR v5 which features new AXIS feet for improved compliance, pictured above.

For installation, please see instructions for iOS or Android.



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.3.0 - 14 February 2023

  • Added: KICKR Race Mode - Requires a Direct Connect
  • Added: ERG Easy Ramp


KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.8 - 11 March 2022

  • Fixed: Power spikes while coasting when using ERG simulated speed mode
  • Fixed: Control with ANT+ power meter



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.7 - 14 February 2022

  • Added: Improved stability of power accuracy at high flywheel speeds



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.5 - 13 October 2021

  • Added: LED Sleep Mode - KICKR LEDs now turn off after 15 minutes of inactivity. Any flywheel movement or an active Bluetooth connection will re-activate LEDs.



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.3 - 1 June 2021

  • Added: Bluetooth FTMS support



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.2 - 9 March 2021

  • Fixed: ANT+ FEC resistance mode



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.2.1 - 27 January 2021

  • Added: Direct Connect Support
  • Added: Bluetooth FTMS Support



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.1.2 - 13 January 2021

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.1.1 - 21 December 2020

  • Fixed: Tilt not working correctly for ANT FE-C connections
  • Fixed: Power reading too high at low flywheel speeds



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.0.5 - 11 August 2020

  • Automatic Calibration
  • 1% Power Accuracy
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ Support



KICKR v5 Firmware v4.0.1 - 11 July 2020

  • Initial Factory Firmware

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