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Product Information

  • The KICKR HEADWIND pairs to the Wahoo Fitness App via Bluetooth® for control from iOS and Android mobile devices, or connects directly to ANT+ enabled heart rate monitors like the Wahoo TICKR, speed sensors like the Wahoo RPM Speed, and trainers like all Wahoo Smart Trainers or other ANT+ enabled third party trainers.

    • Part Number: WFBKTR7US (US Version); WFBKTR7EU (EU Version); WFBKTR7AU (AU Version)

    • Motor Spec: 120v 60hz (US / Japan); 240v 50/60hz (EU / AU / UK Versions)

    • Dimensions (Legs Tucked): 16"L x 12"W x 19"H / 40.6cm x 30.5cm x 48.3cm

    • Dimensions (Legs Extended): 18"L x 12"W x 19"H / 45.7cm x 30.5cm x 48.3cm

    • Weight: 12 lb / 5.44 kg

    • Max Fan Speed: 30 mph / 48 kph

    • Wireless Software Updates: Yes

    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Other

    • Adjustable Legs: Yes (2 Positions)


    • Quickstart Guide

    • Important Product Info Guide



    Always follow these precautions when using the KICKR HEADWIND:

    • Always consult your physician before beginning or modifying any exercise program.

    • KICKR HEADWIND is intended for indoor use only.

    • Do not put hands or objects near moving parts of the KICKR HEADWIND.

    • Do not insert objects into the openings of the KICKR HEADWIND.

    • Only use the KICKR HEADWIND on a stable, level surface.

    • Keep water and moisture away from the KICKR HEADWIND at all times.

    • Do not modify or adapt the KICKR HEADWIND plug for a different country or socket type (please contact support for exceptions).



  • Download the full KICKR HEADWIND Quick Start Guide as a PDF for instructions in English and other languages.

  • Always place the KICKR HEADWIND on a stable surface.

    • Change the airflow angle by extending the rear legs.

      • If placed directly on the ground, the rear legs can remain folded to angle air upwards.

      • To position on a counter (or other elevated surface), extend the legs for a breeze that's more head-on.

    • Plug KICKR HEADWIND into a power source.

      Caution: Do not modify or adapt the KICKR HEADWIND to plug into a different socket type than designed for (please contact support for exceptions).

    • Press the power button to turn on and activate the fan.



    Press the right arrow () to scroll right and manually set one of four airflow intensities. Airflow remains constant until another mode or speed is selected. If powered off in Manual Mode, KICKR HEADWIND will power on at the lowest intensity setting.


    1. Select Speed or Heart Rate Mode for direct pairing to a trainer or sensor. Airflow increases gradually as you speed up or work harder.

      • To pair directly with a trainer, press the left button once to select SPD and enter Speed mode.

      • To pair directly with a Heart Rate sensor, press the left button again to select HR and enter Heart Rate mode.

    2. SPD and HR lights blink when searching for sensors. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin searching for unpaired ANT+ enabled sensors and trainers.

    3. Activate the sensor and hold near the KICKR HEADWIND. For trainers, keep the HEADWIND within 9ft (3m) for best results.

    4. The selected mode light on the KICKR HEADWIND becomes solid when paired.

    5. In SPD or HR mode, KICKR HEADWIND enters a power-saving standby* state after 3 minutes of inactivity. Once in standby, the fan and LED lights are powered off. The KICKR HEADWIND will turn back on once the last paired sensor is in range and activated.
      This allows you to simply use a sensor to start up and power down KICKR HEADWIND without ever touching a button!

      *Standby supported in firmware 1.0.2 and newer. For updates, pair with the Wahoo Fitness app following instructions in the next section.

    Note: KICKR HEADWIND saves the last paired sensor (even if unplugged) for automatic pairing. To pair a new sensor, first select the desired mode, then hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin a new search for unpaired sensors and trainers.



    Pair KICKR HEADWIND with the Wahoo Fitness App for iOS or Android for important updates and fine-tuned controls.

    1. With the KICKR HEADWIND plugged in and Bluetooth® enabled on your mobile device, open the Wahoo Fitness app and tap Sensors.

      On Android, be sure to also enable location services.

    2. Select Add New Sensor to search for available sensors.

    3. Choose HEADWIND from the list.

    4. Always Upgrade Firmware if available and follow the directions in the app for the newest features and best experience.

    5. Once updated, select Save device to add it to the saved sensors list.

    6. Mark the workout profiles KICKR HEADWIND will be active for (Indoor Cycling, Treadmill, etc.) and select Done to complete pairing.

    7. With HEADWIND listed under saved sensors, return to the main menu.

    8. To control airflow, start a workout in a profile marked active when saved (Indoor Cycling, Treadmill, etc.) to find the fan icon appear whenever the KICKR HEADWIND is paired.

    9. Open the KICKR HEADWIND control menu by tapping the fan icon.

    10. With Control highlighted, manually adjust intensity using the slider. Switch to Speed or HR for control from a trainer or sensor that's been directly paired to KICKR HEADWIND following the steps in the previous section.

    11. Further customization of fan speed for Speed and HR modes can be adjusted by tapping the saved sensor from the LINKED SENSORS section of the Workout page before a workout is started.

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