Pair a power meter to ROLLR

The ROLLR is designed to function in Power Meter Connect mode (where the ROLLR connects to POWRLINK Zero pedals or another ANT+ power meter) to transmit power and cadence data to a controlling app or device, allowing for dynamic resistance on the ROLLR in a ride simulation or ERG mode workout in a variety of ride simulation and training apps.


The ROLLR can be used without a power meter paired in certain ride simulation apps, like Zwift. For more information on that, see Use ROLLR without a power meter (virtual power).

Pair a power meter to ROLLR

  1. Pair your KICKR ROLLR to the Wahoo app for iOS or Android like any other sensor, smart trainer, or smart bike.
  2. Once paired, select the ROLLR from the My sensors list in the Devices tab.
  3. If no power meter is paired, select No power meter.
  4. If a power meter is already paired that you wish to change, select the power meter already paired.
    wa-sensordrawerrollr-300.png wa-rollrsensordetails-nopowermeter-300.png wa-rollrsensordetails-quarqpaired-300.png


  5. Any ANT+/Bluetooth power meters broadcasting signal in the area will appear under Available power meters. POWRLINK Zeroes will be listed by name. All other ANT+ power meters will be identified by their 5 digit ANT+ ID, which is often found on the side of the power meter itself. Select your desired power meter.
  6. If a power meter is already paired, select the power meter under Paired power meter to de-select it.
    wa-rollr-powermeter-nopowermeter-300.png wa-rollr-powermeter-plzpairedothersavailable-300.png blanktrans300x600.png


  7. Once selected, the power meter will appear under Paired power meter and will be automatically locked to the ROLLR.  It will remain locked unless replaced using the process above.
    wa-rollr-powermeter-quarqpaired-300.png wa-rollrsensordetails-quarqpairedlocked-300.png wa-rollrsensordetails-plzpairedlocked-300.png

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