ELEMNT BOLT v1 (2017) Firmware Release Notes

This page contains firmware release notes for the ELEMNT BOLT v1 (2017) bike computer, distinguished from the BOLT v2 by its monochrome screen and concave front buttons.

BOLT WB15-17021 - 4 June, 2024

  • Fixed: Minor UI improvements when navigating maps using Dark Mode.
  • Fixed: “Distance to Segment” was missing when using Strava Live Segments.
  • Fixed: HRM connection issues.


BOLT WB15-16781 - 15 May, 2024


BOLT WB15-16772 - 11 April, 2024

  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16764 - 26 March, 2024

  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16736 - 20 March, 2024

  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16708 - 5 March, 2024

  • Fixed: Some planned workout names were incorrect
  • Fixed: bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16525 - 5 December, 2023

  • Updated: World maps
  • Fixed: Turn-by-turn alerts are shown too early in some scenarios
  • Fixed: Duplicate batteries being shown for ANT+ Radar devices
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16476 - 7 November, 2023 

  • Fixed: Grade, ascent, and descent missing on first generation ELEMNT bike computers
  • Fixed: Di2 Shifter batteries not being reported
  • Updated: Main menu scrolling is more responsive

BOLT WB15-16473 - 31 October, 2023 

  • Added: Updated settings menu
  • Added: Electronic shifting battery status now available as a data field
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Known Issue: Shifter battery status shows "n/a" for some systems


BOLT WB15-16335 - 19 October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Ascent is higher than expected on flat rides


BOLT WB15-16334 - 3 October, 2023 

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

BOLT WB15-16333 - 19 September, 2023 

  • Fixed: TrainingPeaks plans scheduled for today/tomorrow were missing from the planned workouts list
  • Fixed: Some route files (.gpx) failed to import


BOLT WB15-16331 - 6 September, 2023 

  • Updated: Improved GRADE data response
  • Fixed: GPX route files may not display turn-by-turn directions
  • Fixed: Speed/Distance recorded is doubled, typically when connected to an E-bike
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16244 - 16 August, 2023

  • Updated: Increased maximum route length limit for generating on device turn-by-turn directions for ROAMs and BOLT v2.


BOLT WB15-16242 - 9 August, 2023

  • New: Added support for Schwalbe AIRMAX TPMS sensor
  • Updated: Improved handling of speed/cadence sensors that stop transmitting data
  • Fixed: Shimano power meters do not promptly reconnect after interruption
  • Fixed: Summit Freeride climbs may not work when riding under 10 km/h
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-16138 - 27 June, 2023


BOLT WB15-16044 - 20 June, 2023

  • Updated: Freeride climb detection better identifies continuous roads
  • Fixed: Issue affecting planned workouts with long interval descriptions
  • Fixed: A condition causing some Summit Segments (on-route) climbs to disappear when beginning a climb
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit Race missing power targets
  • Fixed: BestBikeSplit missing course points and course sectors
  • Fixed: Crash when pairing a sensor
  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting
  • Fixed: FIT file does not contain L/R bit for balance data with certain power meters


BOLT WB15-15944 - 2 June, 2023

  • Fixed: Crash when rerouting


BOLT WB15-15943 - 2 May, 2023

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-15784 - 1 February, 2023

  • Added: Support for off-road routes with Trailforks
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-15592 - 16 November, 2022

  • Improved: Route sync from ELEMNT app


BOLT WB15-15475 - 4 November, 2022

  • Fixed: Pagination for users with custom pages, when using Routes / Summit Segments


BOLT WB15-15473 - 2 November, 2022

  • Fixed: An issue causing blank maps for some users


BOLT WB15-15469 - 31 October, 2022

  • Added - Public Route Sharing


BOLT WB15-15323 - 4 October, 2022

  • Added: Outdoor workouts with Wahoo X 
  • Added: ELEMNT Backup and Restore


BOLT WB15-15152 - 30 August, 2022

  • Added: reinstated vertical grid lines on the Climb page, improved zooming
  • Changed: Cosmetic changes to the Planned Workouts listing


BOLT WB15-14984 - 19 July, 2022

  • Fixed: Map loading on older devices in big cities
  • Fixed: on Pioneer Power Meters, the Pedal Monitor page would reset to default fields on pairing, removing any previous field customization


BOLT WB15-14983 - 27 June, 2022

  • Fixed: Turn-by-turn navigation fixes and enhancements
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability enhancements
  • Added: Chart enhancements with dynamic scaling for elevation and planned workouts
  • Added: Varia radar configurable for both left/right display placement
  • Added: Map updates available


BOLT WB15-14851 - 1 June, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-14720 - 12 May, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-14716 - 3 May, 2022

  • Enabled: ELEMNT Route Sharing feature
  • Fixed: Changing units on the app's profile tab not syncing to ELEMNT


BOLT WB15-14713 - 26 April, 2022

  • Added: Route Builder and Turn by turn notification improvements


BOLT WB15-14595 - 13 April, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-14589 - 5 April, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-14466 - 29 March, 2022

  • Fixed: Best Bike Split workouts not showing correct interval target
  • Added: Elevation remaining on route cue sheet


BOLT WB15-14324 - 17 March, 2022

  • Fixed: battery usage issue related to Map page & routing on some devices


BOLT WB15-14323 - 9 March, 2022

  • Fixed: ELEMNT unit freezes when on Climb Page and current route is cancelled from Companion App


BOLT WB15-14322 - 8 March, 2022

  • Fixed: route not displaying on the map page when selected from the companion app


BOLT WB15-14320 - 17 February, 2022

  • Fixed: Data fields not appearing correctly on map page


BOLT WB15-14188 - 3 February, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements


BOLT WB15-14187 - 25 January, 2022

  • New Feature: Custom Alerts to Fuel your Ride
  • Important Update: Improved Error Notifications for ANT+ Radars 


BOLT WB15-14048 - 14 January, 2022

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

BOLT WB15-14044 - 23 December, 2021

  • Fixed: Crash syncing routes

BOLT WB15-14042 - 15 December, 2021

  • Fixed: Crank length showing on KICKR sensor page
  • Fixed: Crash using HEADWIND control 

BOLT WB15-13917 - 1 December, 2021

  • Fixed: HR/Distance planned workouts not progressing
  • Added: Performance Improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-13671 - 22 October, 2021

  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

BOLT WB15-13539 - 24 September, 2021

  • Fixed: Strava segment text overlapping
  • Fixed: Temperature missing from ride summary screen

BOLT WB15-13424 - 14 September, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-13311 - 1 September, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-13310 - 31 August, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-13302 - 26 August, 2021

  • Fixed: Daily step data not pushing to Google Fit correctly

BOLT WB15-13301 - 25 August, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-13127 - 6 August, 2021

  • Fixed: Kj calculation for Assioma power meters

BOLT WB15-13008 - 23 July, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-12513 - 14 July, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-12072 - 1 July, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-11614 - 14 June, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-11606 - 4 June, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-11596 - 28 May, 2021

  • Added: KICKR and ANT+ FE-C controls default to passive mode
  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-11593 - 27 May, 2021

  • Added: Performance improvements and optimizations

BOLT WB15-11582 - 25 May, 2021

  • Added: Support for new ELEMNT BOLT
  • Fixed: Turn-by-turn and custom cues for manually imported TCX/GPX files
  • Fixed: Companion App connection stability
  • Fixed: Workouts syncing to Companion App
  • Fixed: Sensor stability improvements
  • Fixed: 'Take me to' routes showing in route list
  • Fixed: Translation issues with "Pair ELEMNT" in German
  • Fixed: Recipient not showing on text/phone calls
  • Fixed: Elevation graph

BOLT WB15-10654 - 22 April, 2021

  • Added: Support for new notification services (WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram, Signal)

BOLT WB15-10643 - 18 March, 2021

  • Improved route support

BOLT WB15-10624 - 1 March, 2021

  • Added: ELEMNT RIVAL support improvements
  • Fixed: Specialized LEV integration lights bug
  • Added: Translations

BOLT WB15-10132 - 11 January, 2021

  • Added: Additional Translations
  • Added: Stability improvements

BOLT WB15-9488 - 1 December, 2020

  • Added: Stability improvements

BOLT WB15-9484 - 17 November, 2020

  • Added: Stability improvements

BOLT WB15-8862 - 20 October, 2020

  • Fixed: Old workout appearing as a new workout

BOLT WB15-8859 - 12 October, 2020

  • Fixed: Electronic Shifting - 1x gears not displaying correctly

BOLT WB15-8858 - 21 September, 2020

  • Sensor connection fixes and enhancements
  • Stability improvements pairing TICKR over ANT+

BOLT WB15-8226 - 1 September, 2020

  • Added: Stability improvements

BOLT WB15-8223 - 25 August, 2020

  • Fixed: DI2 not displaying correctly on bike computers

BOLT WB15-8214 - 18 August, 2020

  • Added: Stability improvements
  • Added: Wheel circumference for LEV

BOLT WB15-7937 - 4 August, 2020

  • Added: Improved connection stability

BOLT WB15-7934 - 22 July, 2020

  • Bug fixes and improvements

BOLT WB15-7932 - 21 July, 2020

  • Stability enhancements

BOLT WB15-7930 - 14 July, 2020

  • Stability enhancements

BOLT WB15-7924 - 7 July, 2020

  • Fixed: Missing Pioneer power data

BOLT WB15-7921 - 30 June, 2020

  • Added: Stability Improvements

BOLT WB15-7914 - 26 June, 2020

  • Updated: French localization
  • Updated: Dutch translation error
  • Fixed: Rides uploaded as Cycling instead of Default

BOLT WB15-7706 - 8 June, 2020

  • Added: Stability Fixes

BOLT WB15-7697 - 27 May, 2020

  • Added: Japanese translation fixes
  • Added: Calorie calculations from a power source
  • Updated: Calorie calculation from a HR source

BOLT WB15-7512 - 22 May, 2020

  • Fixed: Missing speed and cadence data

BOLT WB15-7505 - 12 May, 2020

  • Fixed: Speed and Cadence sensor data

BOLT WB15-7502 - 6 May, 2020

  • Fixed: Power pedal balance
  • Added: Stability fixes
  • Fixed: Strava workouts upload type

BOLT WB15-7082 - 10 March, 2020

  • Added: ANT+ LEV Compatibility for compatible E-Bikes (details here)
  • Fixed: Unit auto resetting
  • Fixed: SRM power meter speed/distance issues

BOLT WB15-6922 - 27 February, 2020

  • Fixed: Distance doubling with speed sensors
  • Fixed: KJ doubling

BOLT WB15-6919 - 20 February, 2020

  • Added: Instant torque now displays for ANT+ Power Meters that would otherwise display power only
  • Fixed: Di2 paging control

BOLT WB15-6662 - 23 January, 2020

  • Bug fixes
  • Updates for Specialized ANGi support


BOLT WB15-6659 - 17 January, 2020

  • Added: Specialized ANGi integration
  • Added: Stability improvements
  • Fixed: Strava Live Segments not showing consistently
  • Fixed: TSS/NP/IF displayed as "0" in ride summary


BOLT WB15-6492 - 18 December, 2019

  • Added: Improved support for Today's Plan


BOLT WB15-6268 - 20 November, 2019

  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements


BOLT WB15-6264 - 12 November, 2019

  • Added: Relive sharing support
  • Fixed: Rerouting sounds and notifications while paused
  • Fixed: LEDs not matching correct HR zone
  • Fixed: Maps stuck in "Queued" state when downloading multiple maps
  • Fixed: Background workout recovery


BOLT WB15-6129 - 10 October, 2019

  • Improved Turn by Turn directions and routes with missing cues
  • Improved map download process
  • Fixed: Maps page sometimes incorrectly reporting download failure


BOLT WB15-6025 - 20 September, 2019 

  • Improved off-route notifications


BOLT WB15-6023 - 19 September, 2019 

  • Stability improvements


BOLT WB15-6019 - 17 September, 2019 

  • Added: Support for TrainerRoad outdoor planned workouts
  • Fixed: Strava Live segments not syncing
  • Fixed: Issue with scaling current interval during planned workouts

BOLT WB15-5525 - 3 September, 2019 

  • Fixed: Max Speed data field displayed as AVG Speed when language is set to Chinese

BOLT WB15-5027 - 26 August, 2019

  • Added: Support for ANT+ radar sensors
  • Fixed: Crash on long rides
  • Fixed: Routes with Turn by Turn not displayed in ELEMNT app
  • Fixed: Map pack downloads getting stuck in queue
  • Fixed: Incorrect L/R Balance shown for some power meters

BOLT WB15-4037 - 15 July, 2019

  • Patch release for improved stability

BOLT WB15-4036 - 9 July, 2019

  • FIXED: Climbing profile incorrectly displaying on map page
  • FIXED: Incorrect power values being displayed from SRM power meters
  • FIXED: Target BPM data field showing as BPM % when using Training Peaks workouts
  • FIXED: Power from Rotor 2Inpower freezing when not pedaling

BOLT WB15-3535 - 26 June, 2019

  • FIXED: incorrect default settings 
  • FIXED: maps not displayed in certain areas
  • FIXED: various stability improvements

BOLT WB15-3526 - 5 June, 2019

  • Added: Ability to customize Strava Live Segments page
  • FIXED: History page unavailable after workout
  • FIXED: Power meter and sensors data display errors
  • FIXED: Issues related to reversing routes
  • FIXED: Strava relative effort

BOLT WB15-2671 - 9 May, 2019

  • FIXED: Bug affecting Strava syncing when connected to WiFi
  • FIXED: Auto-calibration incorrectly appearing for select power meters when coasting

BOLT WB15-2666 - 1 May, 2019

  • FIXED: SRM CTF power issue creating negative power values
  • FIXED: Config backup not working after factory reset
  • FIXED: Debug map management no longer displays for standard users
  • FIXED: Various crash fixes

BOLT WB15-2659 - 15  April, 2019

  • All new look & feel!
  • Account login & profile sync between Wahoo apps
  • New route sync with MTB Project and Singletracks!
  • More workout sharing partners: Map My Tracks, Xert, and Final Surge
  • Total odometer in the companion app
  • Improved support for multiple ELEMNTs
  • Support for cadence targets from TrainingPeaks planned workouts

BOLT WB15-2171 - December 19, 2018

  • FIXED: Bug causing momentary UI freezes.


BOLT WB15-2169 - December 17, 2018

  • ADDED: Integration with Pioneer Pedaling Monitor Systems (instructions here)
  • Improved update recovery for low level updates
  • Update high level crash recovery version from 1337 to 2159

BOLT WB09-2169 - 5 December, 2018

  • Update for Strava's new Live Segments API: Segments with an average grade lower than -.25% are no longer supported by Strava due to safety concerns. Downhill and similarly steep descending segments will not be synced.
  • ADDED: map support for larger tiles (required for new map updates)

  • FIXED: text capitalization on sensor discovery screen

  • FIXED: bug preventing display of left/right percent balance data for Pioneer Power Meters when set to Dual ANT+ mode

  • FIXED: bug preventing display of w/kg data for Pioneer Power Meters

  • FIXED: bug preventing display of Pioneer Power Meter mode change and magnet calibration functionality

  • FIXED: bug when transferring planned workouts

  • FIXED: bug preventing ANT+ FE-C connectivity with some third party trainers


BOLT WB09-2159 - 7 November, 2018

  • FIXED: ELEMNT/BOLT automatically switching to Pioneer pedaling monitor mode
  • FIXED: Pioneer calibration exiting automatically after cancelling
  • ADDED: Support to set crank length for Favero Assioma pedals
  • FIXED: GPS drops after 3-4 hours
  • FIXED: Auto pause not working
  • FIXED: ANT+ sensors not reporting battery levels
  • FIXED: Riding Best Bike Split routes changing CLIMB gradient, but not KICKR resistance
  • FIXED: Incorrect target Watts in planned workouts
  • FIXED: Bug causing unexpected power off or reboot
  • FIXED: Duplicate uploads to sharing sites
  • UPDATED: Japanese translations

 BOLT WB09-1985 - 14 August, 2018

  • FIXED: Issue with importing routes from specific third party apps
  • FIXED: Issue causing the 'Include Zeros in Avg Cadence' option failing to default to 'off' after factory reset

 BOLT WB09-1983 - 30 July, 2018

  • FIXED: issue causing ELEMNT crashes related to low memory
  • FIXED: issue causing ELEMNT not to recover rides after battery dies
  • FIXED: issue with Komoot route sync
  • FIXED: issue with Fitif Power meter not pairing
  • FIXED: issue causing Strava Live Segment page to not populate
  • FIXED: various other bug fixes

BOLT WB09-1980 - 18 July, 2018

  • FIXED: Shimano FC-R9100 power meter calibration failure
  • FIXED: Powertap P1's not registering crank length capability
  • FIXED: Grade data field displaying "- -" when climbing
  • FIXED: 3 second average power dropping to 0
  • FIXED: Power data field dropping to 0
  • Integration with SRAM TyreWiz
  • KICKR CLIMB support

BOLT WB09-1937 - 3 June, 2018

  • FIXED: Favero Assioma average power and cadence incorrect
  • FIXED: PowerTap hub power meter data low
  • FIXED: Issue where user has to resync starred segments before each ride
  • FIXED: Current grade data could fluctuate on a steady climb
  • FIXED: bug with Garmin Vector power meter calibration
  • FIXED: bug causing issues with GPS accuracy during long rides (6+ hours)
  • FIXED: bug causing sensor disconnects and failure to recover sensor connection after disconnect
  • Revise French translation for new lap


  • FIXED: 'Take me to' feature unable to search for specific addresses
  • FIXED: Ability to enable automatic uploads not working
  • FIXED: MapBox crash when changing pages

BOLT WB09-1929 - 19 March, 2018

  • FIXED: Instantaneous power data field is inverted instead of 3 second avg power
  • FIXED: Pages reset on boot
  • FIXED: GPS dropping after 3-4 hours
  • FIXED: Time on BoltApp showing an hour behind for users in Turkey
  • FIXED: Center LED remaining lit during left turns
  • FIXED: Planned workout graph disappearing after changing pages
  • FIXED: 'Watts/KG - lap', 'Watts/KG - workout ' showing as N/A

BOLT WB09-1836 - 11 Jan 2018


  • Added support for uploading workouts to 2Peak
  • Added turn-by-turn notifications for Ride With GPS routes exported with course-points in TCX and GPX format
  • Added new data field for TrainingPeaks Variability Index
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


  • Force 4iiii power meters to connect using ANT+
  • Improve layout for turn-by-turn popup notifications

BOLT WB09-1815 - 27 Nov 2017


  • Update BOLT to the latest maps via the map settings screen on the companion app
  • Configure auto-upload on a 'per site' basis
  • Choose to exclude zeros from the average power calculation
  • Upload to the web4trainer share site
  • Bug fixes and other improvements


  • Improve accuracy of Auto lap Time triggers
  • Fix issue where temperature data lost after a workout end
  • Only write the sensors that are used to the FIT file
  • Fix issue where planned interval repeating intervals are lumped together
  • Fix issue where Strava goal appears for the wrong segment
  • Data Field: when workout time >10hrs, don't show seconds
  • Fix planned workout 10sec notifications or very short intervals
  • Fix wheel circumference issue for Elite Direto
  • Fix issues when performing 2nd spindown in same power cycle
  • Fix incorrect duration on some planned workouts
  • Planned Workout interval graph not showing unless workout is paused
  • Planned Workouts - Graph doesn't scale as difficulty percentage is changed
  • Planned Workouts - Laps created incorrectly after pause
  • Planned Workouts - Interval notifications should appear on KICKR page during a Planned Workout
  • Add support for web4trainer share site


  • Now detects timezone/local changes while open
  • Now able to rename custom page
  • Shows 'This weeks' results
  • Fix workout details lap arrows not shift graph
  • Fix a GPX route import problem
  • Fix issue where 2nd email sent after phone restart
  • Show temperature in ride results
  • Show better error for MINI offline workouts not able to share to Komoot (need locations)
  • MINI climb results not displaying correctly
  • Improve messaging around need for Location Services
  • Fix missing notification for Android 8 Oreo
  • Workout results for lap data shows the same value for average power, max power and normalized power
  • Resetting HR zones is not resulting in the new HR zone data being sent to ELEMNT


  • Updates for iPhone X
  • Add support for Web4Trainer share site
  • Add the option to exclude zeros from power average calculation
  • Fix Dropbox exporting issue
  • Fix heart rate & power zone bar graph pop ups not dismissing
  • Fix bug causing Live Track routes not to appear on Live Track site when the route is selected on ELEMNT/BOLT
  • Fix a crash that sometimes occurred on workout screen after sync finished
  • Improve elevation calibration for online MINI workouts
  • Fix a bug that caused mixed units and weight to be reset

ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1705 - 2 Oct 2017

Share Sites

ELEMNT BOLT can now share to the following sites on iOS and Android:

  • Komoot - https://www.komoot.com/
  • Cycling Analytics - https://www.cyclinganalytics.com
  • PowerTraxx - https://www.powertraxx.de

Additionally, Android users can now share with:

  • Google Fit - https://www.google.com/fit
  • Dropbox - https://www.dropbox.com


  • Various bug fixes

ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1628 - 23 Aug 2017


ELEMNT BOLT can now perform planned/structured workouts.  Choose one of the built-in workouts or sync your upcoming training schedule from TrainingPeaks or Today's Plan. After selecting a workout from the PLANNED WORKOUTS section under the SETTINGS screen, ELEMNT will guide you through the workout highlighting your target efforts via the fields, LEDs, sounds, popup notifications and the target effort graph. At any time in the workout, you can pause your plan and also skip forward and back through the planned intervals.


ELEMNT BOLT can now connect to FE-C trainers via ANT+


ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1507 - 18 July 2017


  • The Live Track site now shows more data including your breadcrumb trail, route, live ride data and charts.
  • You can continue to share your permanent link, though we have introduced a new temporary link that will expire at the end of the day. Once expired, the link will no longer be able to track you.
  • The link that is auto-posted to Facebook, Twitter and email is a temporary link that will expire at the end of the day.
  • You can manually expire all your links (both permanent and temporary) as well as opt-out of being shown as a 'nearby rider' on other people's map page.
  • Any previous links you have shared with your friends and family have now expired. You will need to share new links with them.


  • Fixed an issue where starting certain routes on KICKR would cause a 100% resistance command sent to KICKR
  • Fix issue where the ELEMNT would auto-switch to the lap page if the lap page was disabled in the companion app
  • Fix an issue where ELEMNT would forget your gear’s teeth-count configuration
  • Improved translations
  • Improve Strava Segment notifications so long Segment names properly resize to maintain readability

ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1422 - 6 June 2017

  • Strava Live Suffer Score data field (Strava Premium)
  • Improved the accuracy of Strava Live Segments on the ahead/behind (Strava Premium)
  • Cadence: Setting, from the companion app, to include or exclude zero's in the average calculations
  • Improved route syncing
  • Improved the quality of the data after a mid-workout shutdown and restart 
  • Fixed an issue where a bad pressure sample could corrupt your elevation and grade data
  • Fixed an issue where a bad power sample could corrupt your power data
  • Fixed some issues transferring workouts to the companion app
  • Many other bug fixes

ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1344 - 3 April 2017

  • Fix incorrect elevation data after mid workout shutdown and recovery
  • Improve some button labels to fit better for various languages
  • Base the LEDs and power zone calculations on the 3-second average power, not instantaneous power
  • Update some compliance information
  • Improved translations
  • Reset to OUTDOOR mode on startup. Lots of reports of people accidentally riding in INDOOR mode and not having GPS
  • Fix issue where call/SMS/email notifications were hidden behind the workout paused notification

ELEMNT BOLT WB09-1337 - 14 March 2017

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