KICKR BIKE v2 (2022) Firmware release notes

This page contains firmware update notes for the KICKR BIKE v2 featuring WiFi connectivity and Direct Connect.

Firmware installation is automatic when connected to a compatible WiFi network.



KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware v2.1.18 / Wi-Fi 1.0.16 - 14 February, 2024

  • Fixed: Issue with Direct Connect disconnections experienced on some BIKEs.


KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware v2.1.14 / Wi-Fi 1.0.16 - 30 October, 2023

  • Added: Race Mode (BETA)
  • Updated power model to improve power accuracy at higher RPM
  • Note: When toggling Race Mode ON or OFF, please close and re-launch any connected apps for accurate data.


KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware v2.0.5 / Wi-Fi 1.0.16 - 22 March, 2023

  • Added: Automatic firmware update improvements


KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware v2.0.5 / Wi-Fi 1.0.10 - 31 January, 2023


KICKR BIKE v2 Firmware v2.0.3 / WiFi 1.0.8 - 20 September, 2022

  • Initial release
  • Wi-Fi and Direct Connect network connectivity
  • Wi-Fi and Direct Connect motion data and trainer control
  • BLE motion data and trainer control
  • ANT+ PWR
  • ANT+ FEC
  • Automatic Wi-Fi firmware updates
  • ERG mode easy ramp
  • Odometer

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