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All About Outdoor Structured Workouts in SYSTM

The majority of SYSTM workouts have a corresponding Outdoor Structured Workout version, should you wish to take your training outdoors. 

When you add a training plan or any ad-hoc workout to your SYSTM calendar, you will see both the indoor cycling icon and the outdoor cycling icon on your calendar for all workouts, other than our Fitness Tests. Full Frontal and Half Monty have not been optimized for outdoors, so you will only see the indoor cycling icon beside these tests.

When you open a workout from your calendar, you will see the indoor version AND outdoor version of each workout. 


Some workouts have the same outdoor profile as the indoor profile, while others have been modified, as per these guidelines:

  • The workout has only been modified for outdoor training with target ranges instead of exact target values.

  • The workout has been optimized for outdoor training with smoothed intervals that use target ranges instead of exact target values.

  • The workout is different than the indoor workout and best replicates the training stimulus of the indoor workout. This is the case for All ProRides, some On Location Rides, some A Week With Rides and some Inspiration videos.

  • Fitness tests do not currently have an outdoor variant.
  • The outdoor version of each workout will not play using the SYSTM app, as it is not intended that you use the SYSTM app outdoors while riding. 

There is no indoor vs outdoor 4DP profile. Outdoor workouts show a target range instead of an absolute value (even the best riders in the world can’t hold an exact wattage on the road, as you would on ERG mode). We've calculated a range target for the outdoor workouts based on your indoor 4DP Value that factors in the expected variances between indoor and outdoor power numbers.

How the target ranges are calculated

  • FTP is broken into 5 broader zone ranges. This allows users more flexibility in following the workout correctly. It also reduces the number of intervals each session has to make them easier to follow outside.

    • Zone 1 = 30-50% of target value

    • Zone 2 = 51-75% of target value

    • Zone 3 = 76-91% of target value

    • Zone 4 = 92-101% of target value

    • Zone 5 = 102-108% of target value

  • MAP is +/- 5% of target value

  • AC is +/- 8% of target value

  • NM is +/- 10% of target value

The TSS/IF for the outdoor variant will be based on the workout, not your profile. Therefore, the TSS/IF for the outdoor version will be the same for all athletes.


How To Find Your Outdoor Structured Workout On Your ELEMNT Computer

We've tried to make this as easy as possible for you!  Update your apps, ensure you're logged into your SYSTM app and your Wahoo ELEMNT app using the same email address - and your Outdoor Structured Workouts will automatically appear when you sync your ELEMNT computer via wifi. 

Making changes to your calendar on the road, or forgot to sync your ELEMNT computer over wifi?  You can also add an Outdoor Structured Workout to your ELEMNT cycling computer on the road using cell data, by connecting your computer to your Wahoo ELEMNT app.  Any changes you make to your SYSTM calendar will be updated to your Wahoo ELEMNT app over cell data, and will then sync to your computer.

You can find your Outdoor Structured Workouts on your Wahoo ELEMNT app by tapping on the "Workout" tab at the bottom of the screen, and then tapping on "planned workouts". 


Once your ELEMNT computer is synced,  Today's Workout is featured when you power on your Wahoo computer.  You can also view upcoming workouts by navigating to "planned workouts" on your computer. 


  • When your ELEMNT bike computer syncs, the workouts for today, and the next 7 days will sync to the computer.
  • When your ELEMNT bike computer syncs, any changes to your SYSTM calendar, such as rescheduling or deleting a workout, will be updated on your ELEMNT bike computer.
  • When your ELEMNT bike computer syncs, it will also sync any SYSTM workouts that have previously failed to sync.


Taking Your Training Outdoors

When you're ready to start riding, navigate to your Outdoor Structured Workout on your ELEMNT computer and press the start button.  

With Outdoor Structured Workouts on your ELEMENT, you'll be able to see the power target range and the duration left in each interval.  You'll also be able to see the total number of intervals in your workout, plus how many you've completed.  Plus, you'll see the full workout profile at the bottom of your screen.


Your SYSTM Calendar

Once you've completed your Outdoor Structured Workout and you sync your ELEMNT computer, your SYSTM calendar will automatically update.

If your planned workout was part of a training plan, your Outdoor Structured Workout will pair to your planned workout. In order to achieve compliance (to have your planned workout turn green), you will need to have completed 80% of the Outdoor Structured Workout (which may be a different duration than the indoor version).

If your planned workout was added individually to your calendar, outside of a plan, your Outdoor Structured Workout will NOT pair to the planned workout. Instead, you will see the Outdoor workout appear on your calendar. In order to pair the workout, drag and drop the planned workout onto the completed outdoor workout.  Compliance will be based on completing 80% of the Outdoor Structured Workout duration.

If you don't have a Wahoo ELEMNT computer...

If you don't have a Wahoo ELEMNT computer, you will not be upload the outdoor structured workout to your cycling computer.  

If you would still like to complete SYSTM workouts outdoors, we recommend you choose one of the No-Vid workouts, as these workouts include detailed instructions so that they can easily be completed inside or outside, according to your own personal preference.  These workouts are generally easy to follow, with only a few interval changes. 


The workout description will have details about the workout purpose and how to complete it inside or outside.  You can use the instructions on the indoor workout version to complete the workout outdoors.

The indoor version will include a description and instructions for completing the workout, as show below:



An interval breakdown will be provided at the end of the description. You can take this interval breakdown and use it for your outdoor workout. Power targets can be followed as +/- 5% rule. So 55% of FTP can be viewed as 50-60% of FTP outdoors. Here is an example of a typical interval breakdown.



Each workout is broken up into 4 Parts:  

  1. Warm-Up
  2. Main Efforts
  3. Extra Volume
  4. Cool Down

Each section of the workout is divided into a number of segments of specific duration and intensity. The description of each workout “segment” will include the following information:

  1. Duration
  2. Target RPE
  3. Target Power (expressed as a % of one of the 4DP metrics)
  4. Target Heart Rate (expressed as a % of your LTHR as determined by Full Frontal).

For example, a 20-minute long effort, with a target RPE of 2, target power at 45% of your FTP, and target Heart Rate that is less than 70% of your LTHR would be written as:

20 minutes @ RPE 2 -- 45% of FTP -- HR <70%


This describes the riding that should be done to get your legs and lungs ready for the efforts ahead. While much of a warm-up should be easier spinning, most warm-ups also include a series of harder efforts.  

Main Efforts

This is the “meat” of the workout. The main effort description will include:

  1. Number of Sets - The number of times you go through a full “set” of intervals.  Not all workouts contain multiple sets, and there will always be recovery between sets.
  2. Rest Between Sets - This describes the riding that should be done between completed Sets.  If a workout has only a single Set, then you will see “N/A” here.
  3. Interval Repeats per Set - The number of times you repeat an interval to complete 1 Set.  Some Sets contain a single Interval, while other Sets can contain more than 6.  
  4. Interval - This describes each segment that makes up an interval.  Sometimes there is a single segment for the interval, sometimes there are multiple segments for an interval.  To complete a single set, you simply repeat the Interval Segments

Here is what a description for Main Efforts might look like:

4 sets 
4 repeats per set 
30 sec @ RPE 8.5 -- 90% of MAP (105-130% of FTP) 
2 minutes 30 seconds @ RPE 7 -- 90% of FTP 

Rest Between Sets 
10 minutes @ RPE 2 -- 45% of FTP

If we translated that into non-coachspeak, that means you would do 30 seconds hard, 2-1/2  minutes just below your FTP, repeat that 3 more times, spin easy for 10 minutes, and repeat that sequence three more times. 

Extra Volume

This describes the riding that should be done after all sets are completed.  If a workout does not contain any Extra Volume, then you will see “N/A” here.

Cool Down

This describes the riding that should be done after all sets and extra volume (if applicable) are completed.  A proper cool-down is a must, especially for some of the harder sessions. Do not neglect this part of the ride! 











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