Some of my badges have gone missing? Why?

As we moved from The Sufferfest to SYSTM, some of the badges were updated to reflect the new content in the app.  Some previously earned awards have been removed from your app if the new badge requirements are not yet complete.  For more details about badges and awards, see How to earn Awards.


Here are some of the changes that have been made:


Yoga Awards

All Core now includes the following strength workouts:  Core Focus 1, Core Focus 2, Core Focus 3, Core Focus 4 and Core Focus 5.

All Recovery is now called All Active Recovery


Cycling Awards

All Cycling is now called All Sufferfest.  It now includes Tapers, The Cure and Joyride.  Norway has been removed from this badge requirement.  

All Climbing has the following sessions added:  The Way Out, To Get to the Other Side, G.O.A.T, Getting Away With It, Told Off by Angels (Mash-Up), It Seemed Like Thin Air and ISLAGIATT.  

All Drills has been renamed All Techniques and Drills and the following workouts added:  Tapers, Elements of Style, Igniter.

All Speed has fewer workouts:  The Cure, The Chores, The Shovel and Violator have been removed.

All Inspiration includes the new Inspiration workouts that were added to that category.  (Too many to list).  


The following badges have been removed:

All Mash-Ups

All Base

All Endurance


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