Wahoo X Subscription - FAQs



We offer a 14 day trial for our Wahoo X subscription, allowing you full access to Wahoo SYSTM during the trial period.   You can start your trial by signing up at accounts.wahooligan.com.



Wahoo X Subscription prices are as follows:

  • Monthly Subscription:  $14.99 USD + taxes
  • Annual Subscription: $149 USD + taxes

The following currencies are offered for auto-renewing subscriptions via the Wahoo X Billing Portal.

  • USD
  • GPB
  • EU
  • AUD
  • Any currencies not listed above default to USD

Billing will be in local currency on Apple and Google.  Exchange rates may vary and are controlled by the billing platform.  

Taxes are calculated individually, based on billing location.    


Family Subscriptions

We do not offer a family or group discount at this time.  We recommend an annual subscription as a cost-saving option to the monthly subscription.  


Billing Date Changes

The billing date on your subscription will be set on the date that you start your subscription.  It can only be changed by cancelling your subscription and then creating a new subscription on your desired billing date after your account has expired.  


Suspend/Pause My Subscription

Any subscription can be paused or suspended at the end of a billing cycle by ending your subscription.  Monthly subscriptions that are cancelled will be active until the next billing date when the pause or suspension will take effect until the subscription is re-established/renewed.  Annual subscriptions will remain active until the end of the next billing date - they cannot be paused mid-year.  

When you cancel your subscription, your workout data will be saved and will remain available when you choose to resume your subscription.  


Cancel My Subscription

The process for cancelling your subscription will differ based on how you subscribed, either through the Wahoo / Wahoo X site or through the iOS or Google Play stores. The process for all three can be found in Cancelling Your Wahoo X Subscription


Refund Policy

Subscriptions are non-refundable and are not based on app usage.  You are responsible for cancelling any subscription you have created.  

See the Terms of Service for more details.

For any billing errors, please contact customer service.  

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