How to earn Awards

You can view your Awards (badges) by selecting the Progress button on the navigation bar in the app.  Only the Awards that are available to you will be shown in the app.  Any past, incomplete awards will not be shown, as they cannot be earned.


Awards can be earned by completing all the workouts in a given category, or by completing a special event.  Event Awards can only be earned while an event is active.  Completing the requirements after the event is finished will not earn the Award.  Any greyed-out badges are available for completion. 


The Awards are organized according to type.  Event, Cycling, Yoga, Mental Training, and Running awards are offered.  
Event Awards can only be earned during a special event.  
Note: Any previously earned awards may be reset when more workouts are added to the workout category. If you previously held an award, you will need to complete the newly added workouts to receive the award again. Awards may appear different from those in the SUF app. We reserve the right to sunset any awards at any time.

To earn the different cycling and yoga badges, you'll need to complete all the workouts that are in the category that the award represents.  For example, the All Climbing award, will include all Climbing category workouts.  The workout category is found on the Library Content Card as shown here:



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