Your Full Frontal Results

Once you've completed the Full Frontal test, your test results will be automatically applied to your Athlete Profile and you will receive an email from us explaining your results in detail!  

You can view the activity details and summary at any time by clicking on the completed workout on your calendar.  Your test results, including your Rider Type will be found in this activity, and the 4DP graph that shows each 4DP metric relative to your FTP.  


Scroll down for your full results.  For more information about heart rate zones and cTHR, see 



Your Athlete Profile

These results will be reflected in your Athlete Profile, and your 4DP targets in the app will be updated to reflect any changes.  Your Avatar (top left corner) will be updated to reflect your Rider Type.  The Training Plan Wizard will be updated to personalize any new training plans going forward.  Training Plans are tailored to your rider type.  (Any previously applied plans will remain the same)


The 4DP Rider Type Graph

Here are some examples of 4DP graphs for 2 different rider types.  The further each wedge goes to the edge of the graph, the stronger you are in this area relative to your FTP.  Relative strengths and weaknesses determine Rider Type.  





The next step?  Choose a new training plan!  



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