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SUF_channel.png The Sufferfest Channel contains all your favourite Sufferfest workouts.  These are structured video workouts designed by the best coaches in the world to make you stronger, faster and tougher.  For more details about this content, be sure to check out Sufferlandria- Everything Explained.

On_Location_channel.png On Location. There are a lot of apps out there that allow you to ride various roads around the world. We are giving you the experience of not just riding a particular road, but of visiting the region for the weekend. With challenging, structured workouts and stunning scenery and culture, I’m pretty sure these will quickly become some of your favourite rides in SYSTM.

A_week_with_channel.png Wouldn’t you just love to spend a week hanging out and training with a cycling celebrity? A Week With makes that a reality. Just apply the relevant training plan and you’ll follow a series of workouts over the course of the week that take you into the lives of some iconic figures in our sport. 

NoVid_channel.png The No-Vid workout channel contains structured workouts that don't have an associated video.  

Inspiration_channel.png The Inspiration Channel contains inspiring cycling videos, paired with endurance or recovery efforts to keep you motivated to reach your own goals.  Helpful tips:  How to remove screen obstructions for better viewing of Inspiration content category

ProRides_channel.png Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in the middle of the peloton during a race?  Well, here's your chance.  Select the ProRides channel to be immersed in a race scenario.  We've adapted the pro rider's power profile to your 4DP profile so that you can experience the effort for yourself!  For helpful tips:  ProRides: How to get the most immersive experience

Assessments_channel.png The Fitness Test Channel is where you'll find out what you're capable of!  For more information on Fitness tests, be sure to check out this article:  Fitness Assessments in the SYSTM app.

Getting_Started_channel.pngGetting Started.  You'll find some very helpful "How To" videos in this section!  Be sure to check it out!

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