The Home Page and Navigation Bar (Mobile View)

The app home page allows you to see your day's training at a glance and gives you direct access to links with informative content to help you along your fitness journey.  Swipe to the left and right to see yesterday's workouts and tomorrow's plan.  Your workouts can be launched directly from this page, from your calendar, or from the workout library.  A quick overview of the sidebar navigation can be found below.  Be sure to follow the links to get more details about each section of the app.  

If you have training scheduled within the next 3 days, you will see the 3-day calendar at the top of your home page, as shown in the screenshot below.



If you do not have training scheduled in the next 3 days, the 3-day calendar will not be visible. Instead you will see the cards that contain info about new workouts, current challenges, and other updates at the top of your homepage.


Navigate to all the sections of the app using the buttons on the left sidebar. 

Home_button.pngThe Home Button will display the main page in the app (seen in the screenshot above).  Quickly see your training for the day and access useful links. 

Calendar_button.pngThe calendar displays your training past, present and future.  For more details on how to use the calendar see App Navigation: The Calendar

Library_button.pngThe library contains all the workouts for the SYSTM app.  For more details on how to navigate this section, see App Navigation: The Library

Progress_button.pngSee any Awards that you've earned in this section.  For more information, see How to earn Awards.  

More_button.pngTapping the More button will open up the following screen:


Avatar_Wahooligan.pngYour Profile.  If you've completed Full Frontal, this button will feature your rider type as an avatar.  If you've got a profile picture in your Wahoo ELEMNT companion app, that photo will appear here. Click on this button to Log Out of the app or to access your Profile.   For more details about your profile see Your SYSTM Account, Profile and Settings

Plans_button.pngThe plans page will help you choose the training plan that is right for you.  More details are found here: The Training Plan Selector

Settings_button.pngApp settings.  Set up data sharing with your favourite platforms such as Strava, TrainingPeaks and Garmin.  Choose your display settings here.  For more information see: App Navigation: App Settings



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