How do I switch from an Apple subscription to a SYSTM Web subscription?

You can create a SYSTM web subscription rather than manage your account through Apple.  If you've previously created a subscription through Apple, you will need to cancel that subscription and wait for it to fully expire before creating a web-based subscription through Wahoo. (see Cancelling your SYSTM subscription on iOS for more details.)

Log into your SYSTM user account at, or from a desktop (windows or mac) version of the app, to view and manage your subscription.  Follow the instructions found here:  Creating and Managing a SYSTM subscription (web, Mac, Windows)


If you still have an Apple subscription that is active, you will see the following screen:  


Be sure to allow your subscription to fully expire before proceeding.  You will know your subscription is expired when you can no longer play a workout or access content on the app.  








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