The Workout Content Card

Each workout, when selected in the Library, will have a workout description and details.

The workout card will feature the workout title, duration, estimated TSS and IF, and the ride category.  


The Workout Profile will show the intervals based on your 4DP and how they relate to your FTP.  Intervals are colour-coded to match the 4DP metric that is being targeted in that part of the workout.  


Below the workout profile is the 4DP focus graph.  This image shows which 4DP metrics are being targeted during this workout.  The workout description will include important details about the workout, including tips, strategies and expected outcomes. We recommend reading any content that is linked in the description.  


How to Download a Workout

The download button will allow you to download the workout video for offline use, or for more reliable playback when streaming quality is low.   


How to add a workout to your Calendar

You can add individual workouts to your training calendar.  This allows you to customize or edit your training plan to suit your individual needs as an athlete.  We do recommend sticking to the plan as much as possible, but we also understand that sometimes, change is necessary.  

Click on the three dots (more) button next to the download button on the content card and then select Add to Calendar and select the desired date.  For workouts to be matched to a completed workout (and marked with a green header), the workout must be applied to the calendar prior to completing the workout.  




How to Start a Workout

The Start Workout button will launch the workout player and allow you to connect your devices.  For further connection instructions, see Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool).



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