Setting up the Keiser M3i

If you have a Keiser M3i bike, you can connect it to the SYSTM app using Keiser's M Series Converter. Please note that Keiser has discontinued this converter and has replaced it with the M Connect computer.  For more details please see  Both the M Series converter and the M Connect computer should connect to SYSTM. 


Setup Instructions- M Series Converter

For initial setup with the Keiser M3i (or anytime the battery is removed from the converter), the M Series Converter will start in a pairing mode with a red flashing light.  The converter should be placed near the bike while the bike is turned on.  The converter will pair with the bike and flash green for a few seconds.  The converter will then turn off within after a few seconds of flashing green.  It is now paired to bike and will remain paired until the unit's battery is removed.

Once paired, the unit can be woken up by double-tapping the converter and the red light will flash while it searches for its paired bike.  Once the bike is found, it will begin flashing green, indicating it is ready to pair with the SYSTM app.  The unit will broadcast as "M3i#000" where the "000" will correspond to the assigned bike ID.  For most home users this will be "0", so it will appear as "000", but if it were in a facility and the bike had ID "23", the name would be "M3i#023".  The converter is a Bluetooth Smart device with support for Cycling Power profile, so customers will have to connect to the converter from within the app (as opposed to traditional Bluetooth pairing performed in the device's settings menu).

Trouble Connecting - Try A Reset

  1. Disconnect the battery from the M Series Converter

  2. Put your Keiser M3i in gear 1 and pedal

  3. In The Sufferfest app, select and start a workout so that the device connection menu appears

  4. Insert the battery back into the M Series Converter


Note:  After step 4 the green light should illuminate on the converter and the SYSTM app should pair with your ID number for both cadence and power.


Connection instructions M Connect computer

Start pedalling to wake the computer.

The computer will broadcast this signal for 10 minutes upon waking.  If the connection is not made, stop pedalling for a full minute to allow the bike and computer to return to sleep mode, then start again.


Connect to SYSTM

For detailed instructions on how to connect to the SYSTM app, be sure to follow the instructions found in Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool).




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