Fitness Assessments in the SYSTM app

We recommend doing several workouts in the app prior to completing one of our fitness assessments.  This is to ensure that 1- the sensors and devices you are using are connecting properly to the app, and 2- you understand the different modes that a trainer uses to interact with the app. Starting with the Full Frontal prep plan for either assessment is a great way to learn to use the app and prep for this effort.  Please read A Guide to using Level Mode before completing a fitness assessment.

There are 2 different assessments

Full Frontal is the most comprehensive fitness assessment available.  This assessment will give you a complete 4DP profile including your Rider Type and Weakness.  Read more about Full Frontal here.

Half Monty is the most accurate ramp test available.  This assessment will give you an FTP, MAP and LTHR value.  This fitness assessment will not update your Rider Type or Weakness. Read more about Half Monty here.

Why complete an assessment? 

  • Workout targets are adjusted to your ability and for optimal training. 
  • Training plans are tailored to your Rider Profile (type and weakness)

How often should I complete an assessment? 

We recommend completing Full Frontal before starting a new training plan.  Optimally, this is every 10-12 weeks.  During your training, if you find that your key workouts (not recovery or endurance efforts) are always too easy, you might want to use the Half Monty fitness assessment to get some updated results when you're about 2/3 of the way through your plan.  We recommend doing this at the end of a recovery week in your plan, where you are carrying less fatigue and are feeling fresh. 



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