Alarm and Work / Rest Timer features for RIVAL




ELEMNT RIVAL now has the capability to set up and use alarms from the ELEMNT RIVAL itself with the following steps.
Hold the bottom left button on the ELEMNT RIVAL to find the Alarm menu. Selecting this menu (with the center right button) provides the following options:
  • On / Off - Select if you want the Alarm on or off
  • Set Time - Select the time for your alarm
  • Repeat - Select to have the alarm repeat automatically on weekdays, weekends, every day, or not at all
  • Sound - Select if you want the alarm to have an audible tone when activated
  • Vibration - Select if you would like the alarm to vibrate when activated 

Work / Rest Timer

The Work / Rest Timer is an interval timer that can be used with any workout profile to help break workouts into periods of active “work” and “rest”. Since continuous muscle use leads to quicker fatigue, splitting up a workout into work and rest intervals allows athletes to conserve resources and/or change muscle groups. 

Setup using the ELEMNT companion app

With your ELEMNT RIVAL actively paired to the ELEMNT companion app, you can find the  Work / Rest Timer in Settings tab > Workout Profiles > workout profile of your choice > Work / Rest Timer
The feature can also be accessed for the currently selected workout profile from the Workout tab.
workresttimer-crop-sm.png workoutresttimer-workout-crop-sm.png

In the Work / Rest Timer section, users have access to the following options:
NOTE: The longest available work or rest interval is 60 minutes while the shortest interval is 5 seconds. The interval can be repeated from 1-50 times or can be set to continue repeating indefinitely as long as the workout remains active.


To setup the Work / Rest Timer on ELEMNT RIVAL, select the workout profile of your choice and hold the bottom left button to open the menu and find the Work / Rest Timer option.
Using this menu will allow you to turn the timer on/off and is also where you can set the work /rest timer ratio and  number of repeats.
When the timer is active for your workout, a new workout page will appear, as shown below. mceclip5.png
A few things to highlight:
  • This page shows the amount of time left in the active Work or Rest interval
  • The second data field on this page can be customized in the ELEMNT Companion App where you  normally edit workout pages on the Settings tab
  • While the Work / Rest Timer is active, the lap button is used to advance the interval from Work to Rest or vice versa. Manual lapping is not available. However, in the ELEMNT Companion App's Settings tab you may still select if you would like work/rest intervals to automatically create laps for the chosen intervals.

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