The 14-Day Free Trial- How it works

Every new SYSTM user receives a 14-day Free Trial.  When and how this trial is activated will depend on the platform that you've used to create your user account.  

Windows, Mac and Web

If you've created your user account on Windows, Mac or from the Web portal at, your free trial will be activated during the account creation process.  Once you click Continue on this screen, your free trial starts.  If you want to delay starting the trial, simply exit the app here.  When you log in again, you will return to this screen.  

For more details see Create a SYSTM User Account.


iOS and Android

There are two options to start a free trial.  

1- you can log in at and start the trial from the web portal.  This web portal allows you to manage your subscription and trial directly with Wahoo.  

2- you can start a subscription through your mobile app.  You will be required to enter payment information, but the first charge will not be processed until the end of the 14-day free trial.  You can cancel at any time through the Apple subscriptions or Google Play store subscriptions, as applicable.  For more details on how to start a subscription see:
Creating a SYSTM subscription on iOS

Creating a SYSTM subscription on Android

To cancel your subscription or to prevent billing after  your free trial:
Cancelling your SYSTM subscription on iOS

Cancelling your SYSTM subscription on Google Play

Any billing or account inquiries that are made through Apple or Google Play should be directed to Apple or Google Play.  


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