Troubleshooting Video Streaming Issues

Videos in SYSTM can be streamed from the server, or downloaded and played through the app.  Downloading videos is recommended in most cases and will allow for the workout to be done offline. 

If you're having trouble with streamed videos, we recommend the following:

  1.  Log out and restart - For instructions on how to log out of the app, please see this help article.
  2. Download the workout instead of streaming - How to download a video
  3. Check for network congestion at home - use of the internet by multiple family members can slow down your streaming speeds and cause video issues.  Taking extra devices offline can help resolve this.
  4.  Neighbourhood network congestion can also slow down your streaming speed.  Avoid high internet traffic times to see if this improves the performance.  Downloading is the best solution when this happens. 




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