ERG mode troubleshooting

There are a few simple steps that you can take to initially troubleshoot ERG mode:

  1. Check for updates to SYSTM. 
  2. Connect your trainer to its parent app (Wahoo, Elite, Wattbike, etc) and check for any firmware updates. (Be sure to disconnect from and quit SYSTM to connect to the parent app)
  3. Perform a spin-down calibration in your trainer's parent app. 
  4. Confirm that ERG mode is working with another app. This is helpful because, although rare, there are cases in which the trainer itself isn't working properly. Double-checking that it works with another app is a good way to test this.
  5. Double-check that your trainer isn't connected to any other apps or devices. This can cause interference with the signal to SYSTM. Disconnecting from those devices or apps can often help.

Other Considerations

4DP Is Set Too Low

We often see this with new SYSTM users, it can feel like the trainer isn't apply enough or any resistance as you ride. It's important to remember that when you first start using SYSTM, all of your workout targets are based on the 4DP numbers that were generated based on your initial information that was shared with SYSTM.  Even with accurate information, it is possible that the numbers generated are too low. This can result in you feeling very little, if any, resistance from your trainer.

Try increasing the intensity of the workout to see if the trainer's resistance changes are felt.  If this resolves your issue, completing one of the fitness assessments should fix the underlying issue.

Trainer Connections

Check that your trainer is properly connected for ERG mode.

Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool)

If you're using ANT+, you might see the option to connect a device called "Bike Power". If you select that option the app will be able to read your power from the trainer but it won't be able to control the resistance.  The ERG mode option will not appear on your connections screen.

Check that your control icons are green (on) rather than white (off) and that ERG mode is selected.



Communication Interference

If you are continually getting drops in resistance or there is a delay in the trainer changing resistance going into or coming out of an effort this could be due to communication interference. For extra troubleshooting, please see:

My Bluetooth sensor signal keeps dropping

My ANT+ sensor data drops off the screen


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