How to remove screen obstructions for better viewing of Inspiration content category

With the addition of the Inspiration Content to the workout library, we fully appreciate that some may want to be able to fully view the video without any parts being obstructed by the workout player.  These instructions will help you configure the player for your best viewing experience.  


Expand the workout player window (Mac & Windows)


From the Display Settings in the workout player, if the Video Cropping is toggled to the "ON" position, the video will be cropped to fit your screen and will appear behind the workout player.  This can obstruct some subtitles or other video information that is displayed.  You'll see in the two screenshots below how this toggle affects the workout player dimensions and increases the viewable area of the film when the cropping is toggled to the "OFF" position.  (16:9 ratio rather than Scale to Fit)




The iOS player and Android player are already in a 16:9 video format above the graph.  There is no toggle for this setting.  



Removing the workout metrics

Removing the workout metrics from the screen will completely clear the viewer window in the workout player of any obstructions.  You won't be able to see your heart rate or your power, but this data will still be recorded by the app.  If you're using Virtual Watts, or if you're not in ERG mode, this may complicate following the workout intervals.  The workout graph will still be visible, but targets will not.  You can choose which metrics you would like to view, and which ones aren't necessary.


In the screenshot below, you can see the bottom of the screen is obstructed by the workout metrics and targets:




From the display settings tab (click the gear icon, top right), you can turn off the data from the screen.  Feel free to customize this to the metrics that you feel are necessary or important for you to see.  




By turning them all off, you'll have a completely unobstructed view of the video.



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