Using the KICKR CLIMB with SYSTM

The Wahoo KICKR CLIMB, when paired with your compatible Wahoo Kickr Trainer, will give gradient simulations in select SYSTM workouts.

Setting up your KICKR CLIMB

Prior to being able to use the KICKR CLIMB in the SYSTM app, it needs to be connected to your compatible Wahoo KICKR trainer using the Wahoo Fitness app.  Detailed instructions can be found here:  Wahoo KICKR CLIMB Setup and Instructions.

Connecting the KICKR/KICKR CLIMB combination to the SYSTM app

Once your KICKR Climb is paired and connected to your KICKR in the Wahoo Fitness app, please be sure to close that app completely and then open the SYSTM app to connect the trainer to the app.  You will find instructions to set connect your KICKR to SYSTM here: Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool)

You should now see the gradient icon appearing under your Wahoo trainer's name in the Device Connections menu. If the icon appears but isn't green, click on it to activate this function.  


You can now use your KICKR CLIMB with any gradient-supported workout using unlocked mode. For more details about the modes and function of the KICKR CLIMB, be sure to check out the Wahoo support pages for this device. 

Erg or Level Mode?

The KICKR CLIMB will behave differently depending on which mode you are in:

Erg Mode:  The CLIMB will raise and lower based on the gradients that we have in the workouts.  This is the setting that you want to be in with the CLIMB! 

Level Mode: Each of the levels in Level Mode is tied to a certain gradient.  What this means for the CLIMB is that if you are in Level Mode the CLIMB will rise to that level's assigned gradient number and remain there unless you switch to another level.



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