How to use an unsupported stationary bike with SYSTM

If your stationary bike does not connect to SYSTM, you have two options you can consider. 

First, if it has standard bike pedals, you can use a pedal-based power meter and get real watts.  This will turn your stationary bike into a smart non-interactive trainer. 

Connecting a Power Meter (Bluetooth)

Connecting a Power Meter (ANT+)


The second option is to use RPE plus other connected sensors.  This is the most affordable option and will give you very effective training.  More on how to do this below.

Connect your Sensors


What about Virtual Watts?   

Unfortunately, this is not an option.  Virtual Watts are calculated using data from a connected speed sensor AND a known power curve for a trainer.  There are no power curves on stationary bikes.  The resistance is constantly changed as you adjust the tension knob on the bike.  It's not at all like shifting gears on a bike.  Attaching a speed sensor to the bike's wheel will not allow you to connect to the app.  


Stationary Bike RPE Setup

You'll need the following:

  • stationary bike
  • compatible device to run the app on
  • cadence sensor (optional)
  • heart rate monitor (optional)

The following article will explain how to set up your app for use with RPE and limited device connections:

Perceived Exertion: The RPE scale

Setting up your display metrics for RPE



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