My Classic (non-smart) trainer is not on the compatibility list. Can I still use the SYSTM app?

You can find the list of compatible trainers here:  Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool)

Your trainer may still be compatible even if it doesn't appear on the list.  If you're using a classic (non-smart) trainer.  (Some might refer to these as "dumb" trainers). 

Select "My trainer isn't listed" to get the proper connection instructions.  


Be sure to choose the Generic Power Curve.  There's a fluid curve and a magnetic curve.  Choose the one that best matches your trainer.   For more information about Virtual Watts and what to expect, see Virtual Watts.

If you're connecting a set of rollers that does not have a matching power curve, please select a power curve for a set of compatible rollers that best matches the rollers that you have.  (ie- how/if it applies resistance).



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