The Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor: ANT+ to Bluetooth Bridge

The 4iiii Viiiiva heart rate monitor is capable of converting the Ant+ signals from your Ant+ only sensor to a Bluetooth signal that SYSTM  can use.  This will allow your ANT+ only trainers, power meters and sensors to connect to the app on iOS or Android.  To connect ANT+ trainers, sensors and power meters to Windows or Mac, please use an ANT+ dongle

Please note:  The Viiiiva can be used to transmit power, cadence, and speed, but will not transmit an FE-C signal.  This means that you cannot control a smart trainer that is connected through the Viiiiva bridge. ERG mode will not be available.

We cannot guarantee that ANT+ to Bluetooth bridging devices will work effectively all of the time. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT rename the Viiiiva HRM within the 4iiii app.  This will prevent it from transmitting data to other apps.  

For complete instructions for setting up your sensors, please refer to the Viiiiva user manual.

Once the Viiiiva is configured, please close the 4iiii app completely before launching SYSTM. 


You will find the instructions to connect to the app in the following articles.  Please note that because the Viiiiva HRM does not transmit an FE-C signal, any smart trainers connected through this device will connect as a smart non-controllable trainer. 

Connecting a Smart Non-Controllable Trainer or Power Meter (Bluetooth) 

Connecting Bluetooth Sensors

The Viiiiva HRM will appear in the Add Devices box in the app.  Be sure to select the icons that are appropriate for the devices you are connecting through the Viiiiva, including heart rate.








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