Connecting a Smart (non-controllable) Trainer or Power Meter (ANT+)

This article will provide instructions for connecting a Smart Non-Controllable Trainer or Power Meter to the app. This trainer cannot be controlled by the app but will report power and other data. If you are unsure what kind of trainer you have, or how to connect, please refer to our Connect your Trainer (Compatibility Tool) to find out how to connect your trainer.   

If you are connecting a Power Meter, please ensure that your firmware is up to date and that your power meter is properly configured to work with a 3rd party app.  Some single-sided power meters may require the reported power to be doubled when using Bluetooth.  Some dual-sided power meters may require that the power be reported through a unified channel when using Bluetooth.  Most power meters should report proper power automatically when using ANT+.  If you have any trouble or think your power meter isn't reporting properly, please play with these settings.  If that does not resolve the issue, please submit a help request. 


In order for the app to report data from the trainer,  trainers and sensors will need to be connected to the app from the device connections screen in the workout player.  


Select your workout from the Library and press the Start Workout button.  




This will launch the Device Connections screen.  If your screen does not open automatically, please tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your page.  Ensure that your screen says that ANT+ is ON.  


Plug your trainer in and activate your sensors then click the Add Devices button on your screen.  Cadence sensors and power meters will require you to spin the cranks, heart rate monitors will require you to be wearing them.  Moistening the leads on the heart rate monitor strap can help if your sensor doesn't show up in the device list.  


Selecting and Connecting your Trainer or Power Meter

Clicking on the Add Devices button will open up the left-hand panel of the Device Connections screen.  The ANT+ connection for a trainer will show up as a Bike Power connection, similar to a power meter connection.  This type of connection will only transmit data.  It will not control the trainer.  




ANT_icon.png The ANT+ icon before the ID number will show that this is an ANT+ connection. Any matching ID numbers show that the connections are to the same device.  If your trainer broadcasts an ANT+ FE-C Trainer connection, please refer to this article to connect your trainer.  




The trainer or power meter should now appear in the right-hand panel of the Device Connections screen.  Once the trainer or power meter is connected, the box will turn white.  The icons may be green (ON) or white (OFF). Click on the appropriate icons to turn them ON.  


power_icon.png This is the Power Icon.  This icon will need to appear and be selected for the app to report power from your trainer to the screen. 


cadence_icon.png This is the Cadence Icon.  If your trainer does not have an internal cadence sensor, this icon will not appear.  You will need to connect a cadence sensor to have cadence reported in the app.


speed_icon.png This is the Speed Icon.  Your trainer may report speed to the app, however, we recommend that you choose to use the app's virtual speed.  For more information, see the following article:  Understanding Virtual Speed Calculations


Connect your other sensors:  Connect your Sensors







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