Planned Workouts on ELEMNT RIVAL

What are Planned Workouts?

Planned workouts allow you to sync a workout plan from your TrainingPeaks account
to ELEMNT RIVAL and then use that plan to complete your workout. Currently only TrainingPeaks is supported for cycling, running, and swimming workouts. In addition to the plans from TrainingPeaks, Wahoo also provides 4 workouts each for cycling, running and swimming designed by Wahoo Sports Science.


Understanding Planned Workouts

Once a Planned Workout is on your TrainingPeaks calendar, use the ELEMNT Companion App to transfer the plan to ELEMNT RIVAL by logging into your TrainingPeaks account on the Authorized Apps section of the Profile page of the ELEMNT Companion App. Unlike Planned Workouts on other ELEMNT computers which can sync over WIFI, syncing on RIVAL must be done through the app. You will be able to sync workouts for today and the next 5 days to your device. Once a Planned Workout has been synced to ELEMNT RIVAL, you can load the plan using the correct workout profile and use it to complete your workout. When a plan is loaded you will see two new watch screens to help guide you through your workout plan.


Syncing Workout Plans to ELEMNT Companion App

In the ELEMNT Companion App for iOS or Android, navigate to the Workout tab and ensure your RIVAL is selected on the device list. Next, choose the Workout Profile that corresponds to the workout plan on your TrainingPeaks calendar. You can now select Pick a Planned Workout from the workout tab to sync your plans.


The workout tab in the ELEMNT Companion App with the new Planned Workout option

If you have not yet authorized your TrainingPeaks account in the ELEMNT Companion app, you can select Sync From Web and choose TrainingPeaks. Enter your username and password and follow the prompts to allow the connection. On Android, you’ll need to first tap the “+” to see this option. The page should show all Planned Workouts for the selected Workout Profile for the next 5 days. Pulling down from the top will force a resync if a workout plan changes on your TrainingPeaks calendar. Changing the Sort/Filter to A-Z will also show the built in training plans built by Wahoo Sports Science as shown in the image below:

Planned workouts in the ELEMNT Companion App

Choosing a workout plan will give you more details about the plan including a detailed description (if one is available on the plan). Choosing Select Workout Plan will send that workout plan to your RIVAL and put your RIVAL into workout mode with the plan loaded.

Once a plan is loaded, it can also be removed from the workout tab in the ELEMNT Companion app. Tap the “X” in the Planned Workout section to remove it from the current workout. 

Using a Planned Workout on RIVAL

When a workout plan is loaded, two new workout pages are added to ELEMNT RIVAL:

1. Planned Workout Dial

The Planned Workout Dial will give you all the information about your current interval and is not customizable.


Dial Page showing targets and interval remaining

  • The dial at the top of the page will let you know how you are doing compared to your target for the interval. The color of the dial will change between Red, Blue, and Green depending on if you are above, at, or below your prescribed effort. If your workout plan is based on a range, you will also see an arrow in the dial indicating where your effort is in that range.
  • Current values will be displayed under the dial depending on the target values of the workout plan. These values will show a smoothed value for Watts, HR, or Pace.
  • Another indicator of how well you are doing against the current target is given below the current value by indicating that you are HIGH/FAST, GOOD, or LOW/SLOW.
  • Interval remaining lets you know how long is left in the current interval. For distance-based workout plans, this will show the distance remaining using the metrics of the workout plan (miles, kilometers, meters, yards, etc).

2. Planned Workout Graph:

The Planned Workout Graph shows the workout graph and scrolls based on what you’ve completed.


Planned Workout Graph

While on this page, you can skip to the next interval in the plan by pressing the lap button. There are two customizable data fields on this page.


Skipping Intervals

At any point during a planned workout, you can skip the current interval and immediately start the next interval by pressing the lap button (top right, by defualt). This will show a popup of the next interval details as programmed into the Planned Workout and start the new interval.


Next interval popup

Scale, Pause or Stop a Planned Workout

Once a Planned Workout is loaded on ELEMNT RIVAL, hold the menu button (bottom left, by default) to show the three options available below:


Scale, Pause/Resume and Stop Menu

  • Scaling a Workout: By default, plans are loaded on ELEMNT RIVAL at 100% scale. Depending on your preference, the workout can be scaled above or below 100% and targets will be adjusted accordingly. Once the Scale option is selected, you can use the top right and bottom right buttons to scale the workout up or down. Pressing the middle right button will save your selection while the bottom left button will cancel any changes and return to the menu screen. 
  • Pausing a workout: Selecting Pause will pause the planned workout, but continue recording the activity. Return to this menu and select Resume to pick up the planned workout where you left off. 
  • Stopping a workout: Selecting Stop will end the planned workout, but the activity will continue to record. 

Options in the ELEMNT Companion App

On the Settings tab of the ELEMNT Companion App, there is a new area called Workout
Features with some additional options for Planned Workouts. These options include:

  • Play sounds for new intervals
  • Vibrate for new intervals
  • Auto lap on an interval

Planned Workouts options in ELEMNT App Settings tab

By default, these options are turned on but can be turned off, if preferred.


Planned Workouts with Track Running

Planned Workouts can be used in conjunction with Track Running. However, the lap snapping function for Track Running is not available as the lap button is used for progressing intervals of the Planned Workouts. We recommend ensuring the Auto Lap on interval option is toggled on for using Planned Workouts with Track Running to ensure ease of data evaluation post workout.

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