4DP Rider Type

Rider types are assigned by the app based on calculations from your 4DP test results.  You will need to complete Full Frontal to be assigned a rider type. 

There are 6 different rider types:


When you hit the switch and unleash your devastating sprint, few can hold your wheel. Even when riding with others who would otherwise be an equal match, you can turn on the gas and get a gap with relative ease. But like any rocket, your range is limited. Save the fireworks for the grand finale. Sprinting is a function of your Neuromuscular Power (NM). Those two five-second efforts in Full Frontal allow the app to measure just how much raw power you can put down. 


When it comes to short, maximal efforts you seem to have an endless supply of matches. You may not be able to sustain these all-out bursts, but your powers of recovery mean you can serve them up in rapid succession. You are relentless in your ability to deliver attack after attack, and formidable in situations where you need to respond to multiple surges with little time to recover. Much of what makes this type of rider is anaerobic capacity, or how quickly you can refill your tank and hit the turbo again. That ugly one-minute, all-out effort in Full Frontal was put at the end of the test for a reason.  How much can you give when you’ve already given everything? 


If you have five minutes to give it everything, no one else has a chance. You may lack the kick of the true sprinter or the steady, diesel-like power of the breakaway specialist, but you can put your head down and do serious damage on the track or shorter time trials. As a Pursuiter, you have Maximal Aerobic Power to spare. That 5-minute effort in Full Frontal? That’s your happy place. 

Time Trialist

The pain train is leaving the station, and you’re in the conductor’s seat. When you take your turn on the front, you clock in and do overtime. Your ability to tirelessly put down steady power, kilometre after kilometre, makes other riders wonder if you’ll ever slow down. You may not have the snap to contest the final sprint or follow high-speed attacks, but if it’s a long haul at a high speed, you’ll deliver the goods. This is all about good old-fashioned threshold power. That 20-minute effort in Full Frontal probably felt like home. Find your rhythm, put your head down, and embrace the effort.


When the road points up, that’s when you get down to business. You seem to levitate, dancing up impossibly-steep climbs that leave everyone else begging for supplemental oxygen. When things flatten out, you better tuck in behind the biggest rider you can find and bide your time until things get pointy again. Leave that sprinting business to the bodybuilders and the trackies, the hills are your domain. Climbing is all about strength-to-weight ratio. The more watts per kilo you can put down, the better able you are to resist the pull of gravity. We’re all familiar with the classic climber’s physique: thin, slight, without a hint of upper body strength. 


Rouleur is a term of art in French cycling applied to the most well-rounded of riders. You are that rare unicorn, a master of all trades, a Swiss Army Knife. The very definition of versatility, you are able to deliver across a wide range of efforts and terrain. It takes a very specialized rider to take you, whether it’s in a sprint, on a punchy climb, or in an all-day breakaway. When everyone else falters you are the one left standing, usually on the top of the podium. 





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