Pair a Sensor or Trainer to HEADWIND

This page describes pairing with the KICKR HEADWIND. For a full list of compatible devices, please see What Devices are Compatible with KICKR HEADWIND?


  1. Select Speed or Heart Rate Mode for direct pairing to a trainer or sensor. Airflow increases gradually as you speed up or work harder.

    • To pair directly with a trainer or speed sensor, press the left button once to select SPD and enter Speed mode.

    • To pair directly with a Heart Rate sensor, press the left button again to select HR and enter Heart Rate mode.

  2. SPD and HR lights blink when searching for sensors. Hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin searching for unpaired ANT+ enabled sensors and trainers.

  3. Activate the sensor and hold near the KICKR HEADWIND. For trainers, keep the HEADWIND within 9ft (3m) for best results.

  4. The selected mode light on the KICKR HEADWIND becomes solid when paired.

  5. In SPD or HR mode, KICKR HEADWIND enters a power-saving standby* state after 3 minutes of inactivity. Once in standby, the fan and LED lights are powered off. The KICKR HEADWIND will turn back on once the last paired sensor is in range and activated.
    This allows you to simply use a sensor to start up and power down KICKR HEADWIND without ever touching a button!

    *Standby supported in firmware 1.0.2 and newer. For updates, pair with the Wahoo Fitness app following instructions in the next section.

Note: KICKR HEADWIND saves the last paired sensor (even if unplugged) for automatic pairing. To pair a new sensor, first select the desired mode, then follow steps 2-4 again: hold the power button for 3 seconds to begin a new search for unpaired sensors and trainers.

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