Troubleshooting [CLIMB]

Why is my CLIMB not responding?

  1. Confirm your trainer is compatible following this guide. Using an incompatible trainer may cause damage or injury.

  2. Check your CLIMB's connection with the power block; ensure the green power block and blue remote lights are illuminated. If one of these are not working, please contact support with a copy of your proof of purchase and CLIMB serial number (found on the bottom of the unit).

  3. Confirm your KICKR CLIMB is fully paired with your smart trainer following these steps. The white button in the center of the CLIMB's control should be illuminated and steady when paired.

  4. If your CLIMB is not pairing immediately, please be patient as pairing can take up to 90 seconds to complete. Press and hold the center lock button to pair - the center white light should blink when pairing and turn solid when paired.

  5. Check for and install any firmware updates following How to Update KICKR CLIMB Firmware.

  6. Pair only one CLIMB at a time. If you have multiple KICKR CLIMBs, keep only one trainer and CLIMB plugged in while pairing - trainer pairing is remembered between power cycles.

  7. Confirm your CLIMB is in unlocked mode and not locked mode. The CLIMB always starts locked, switches to locked mode when a button on the control is pushed, and enters locked mode if left idle.

  8. If your CLIMB is not responding to Zwift-- Check the trainer difficulty setting - 0% provides no grade.  Zwift’s default setting is 50%.  Full range of movement requires the slider to be set to 100%.  Please be aware that the CLIMB will not respond to grade changes while in workout/ERG mode in Zwift. For more details, please see Zwift's Using the “Trainer Difficulty” Setting in Zwift article.

How can I keep my CLIMB from sliding or slipping while I ride?

  • Always use your CLIMB on a rigid, non-slippery surface; avoid riding on rugs or carpet
  • Ensure your riding surface is clear of debris and moisture
  • For best results, a mat specifically designed for trainers like the Wahoo KICKR Trainer Floormat works best
  • Regularly clean dirt, hair, and debris between riding surface and bottom of the unit to maintain proper grip

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