Replacing the Cassette

For users who need to replace a worn cassette or change to a different cassette in order to achieve drive train compatibility. Campagnolo cassettes require a new freehub. See “How Do I Install the Campagnolo Freehub” for instructions. 

Required Tools:

  • Cassette Lock Ring Tool (Park Tool FR-5 or similar)
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Chain Whip (Park Tool SR-11 or similar)


Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Use the chain whip to prevent the cassette from spinning while removing the cassette lock ring.

  2. Remove the cassette cluster.

  3. If switching to anything other than an 11-speed cassette, install the 1.8mm spacer included with the KICKR. 11 speed cassettes (including the one pre-installed on the KICKR) do not require a 1.8mm spacer.

  4. If your new cassette includes an additional spacer, install this before installing the cassette. Otherwise, install the new cassette directly. Be sure to properly align each cog with the splined freehub body.

  5. Reinstall the cassette lock ring and tighten by hand. When snug, tighten further with the adjustable wrench another 6 - 10 clicks (roughly 1/4 turn).