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How and When to do a KICKR Spindown / Calibration

To calibrate your KICKR for the most accurate readings, you'll need to perform a spindown using the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS or Android. Though some 3rd party apps also support spindowns (like Zwift), the Wahoo Fitness app should be used exclusively for the best and most consistent experience. A spindown is recommended every 2 weeks or after transporting to a new location.


Before performing a spindown, it's important to make sure your KICKR's firmware is up to date, as this resolves many issues. For more information, please see How Do I Update the Firmware on My KICKR? Always remember to reboot the KICKR after updating firmware.




Using the Wahoo Fitness App:

  1. Download the Wahoo Fitness app for iOS or Android. If already downloaded, be sure to check for updates in the app store.

  2. Open the Wahoo Fitness app and select Sensors.

  3. Ensure your KICKR is powered on with the blue and red LEDs illuminated, then select your KICKR from the list, or choose Add New Sensor (or the plus + on Android) if pairing for the first time.
    Note: a Bluetooth connection is required

  4. Scroll down and select Spindown from the menu.

  5. Select Perform Spindown and follow the instructions in the app.


  1. Start a new KICKR workout.

  2. Select the Sensor icon in the top left corner.

  3. Select the Spindown icon (crossed hammer and spanner) which appears to the right of the KICKR in the list of linked sensors.

  4. Select Perform Spindown and follow the Spindown instructions in the app.

After the spindown procedure is complete you're ready to ride!

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