Auto Spindown Calibration (KICKR v5 [2020]+)

This article applies to KICKR v5 (2020) and KICKR v6 (2022) trainers. For information regarding spindown processes for previous KICKRs and CORE, please see KICKR Spindown Calibration (KICKR v4 [2018], CORE, and earlier models).

What is it?

Starting with KICKR v5 (2020) trainers, KICKR trainers will automatically calibrate themselves throughout your ride, removing the need for a manual spindown calibration prior to ride start and improving the trainer's power accuracy throughout your rides / workouts. 


How does it work?

The KICKR continuously monitors the motion of the large pulley wheel and flywheel. When the KICKR detects coasting, it measures the drag in the system (resistance in the wheels, belt, etc) which allows us to recalibrate. This process only takes a second or two.


Do I still need to do a regular spindown calibration?

No - a regular spindown is no longer needed because the automatic calibration is always on. Additionally, regular spindowns are no longer possible with these devices. If you have concerns, you can always ensure that coast for a few seconds in between warmup and your workout / ride / race.

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