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How do I Install the Campagnolo Freehub?

Required Tools:

  • Torque Wrench with 17mm socket (capable of 6 Nm)
  • 17mm Wrench (optional)

Important Torque Settings:

  • Black Axle Nut:                                 6Nm

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. The stock freehub can be removed with or without the cassette installed. If you choose to remove the cassette prior to removing the freehub, follow these instructions: Changing the Cassette.
  2. Remove the external black nut with the 17mm wrench. Set this aside to use again.
  3. Remove the spacer behind the nut. Set this aside to use again.
  4. Remove the existing freehub.
  5. If your Shimano freehub has a rubber dust seal, remove this and discard it. We no longer use this dust seal.
  6. If there is a spacer remaining on the axle, remove it. Save this with the Shimano freehub you just removed.
  7. Install the spacer that came with the Campagnolo freehub.
  8. Remove the retaining ring from the Campagnolo freehub. 
  9. Install the freehub on the axle. Twist counter clockwise to help the pawls fall into place.  You should not be able to see the pawls.
  10. Re-install the spacer removed in step 3.
  11. Re-install the nut removed in step 2.
  12. Torque the nut to precisely 6Nm.

IMPORTANT: Over-torquing the nut may cause damage to the bearings. If you do not have a torque wrench, your local bike shop most certainly will!

Your KICKR is now ready for a Campagnolo Cassette!


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