What is the KICKR CORE Zwift One? 

The Wahoo KICKR CORE Zwift One is a collaboration between Zwift and Wahoo. It is a KICKR CORE with a pre-installed Zwift Cog (a single speed cog compatible with almost any 8 to 12-speed bike) and a Zwift Click (a two-button Bluetooth remote controller that can be mounted to your handlebars) that allows access to Zwift's virtual shifting feature


Why should I choose a CORE with Zwift Cog vs a cassette?

See our discussion of why you would choose one or the other here.

What bikes are compatible with the CORE Zwift One?

CORE bicycle frame compatibility can be found here.
Zwift Cog compatibility can be found here.

Do I need a CORE Zwift One (or Cog and Click) to use virtual shifting in Zwift?

No, if you have a cassette compatible with your bicycle already installed on your CORE, you can use the Zwift Play controllers and any cog in the middle of your cassette. Just don't physically shift during the ride.

I already have a Wahoo KICKR CORE. Can I buy the Zwift Cog and Click to upgrade my existing set-up to use virtual shifting?

Currently, we do not have a compatible upgrade option for existing CORE owners. If you want to experience virtual shifting, adding Zwift Play controllers to your CORE setup will allow you to experience virtual shifting and the other benefits of the Zwift Play.

Will virtual shifting be available on other Wahoo trainers?

Zwift’s virtual shifting feature is current available on the CORE when used with the Zwift Click or Zwift Play controllers in the Zwift app. We are working to support virtual shifting in Zwift across more Wahoo smart trainers in the near future.

Can I use virtual shifting in other apps?

No, virtual shifting with the Zwift Click only works with Zwift. See this FAQ for more details on Zwift virtual shifting.  Some apps, like those that only provide ERG mode workouts, would be fine to use with a Zwift Cog.  Others that offer a virtual ride, race, or workout environment that would require you to shift to get the full experience, would need a cassette.  For a longer discussion of why you would choose a CORE with a Zwift Cog vs another cassette, see this article.


Can I customize the Zwift Click's gear range or configuration?

No, there is no option to customize the Click's gear range or configuration. The gear options are a linear 1-24 gears that offer a wider range than a standard road 2x drivetrain.  There is no equivalent experience to front derailleur shifting.


How do I set up the CORE Zwift One?

Physical setup of the CORE trainer and steps for mounting your bike can be found here.
Zwift Click setup, pairing, and use in Zwift can be found here.

How do I use the CORE with Zwift?

Downloading and Launching Zwift

Launching Zwift for the First Time

Pairing your CORE to Zwift

Connecting your Zwift Click to Zwift

How do I update my firmware?

Firmware update instructions for the CORE can be found here.  (It is the same process for all trainers.)
Firmware update instructions for the Zwift Click can be found here.


I am having issues with the CORE Zwift One, what do I do?

Most issues can be isolated to either the CORE (independent of use with virtual shifting with Zwift) or the Click and virtual shifting experience in Zwift. 

If you are having resistance issues with virtual shifting, ensure firmware is up to date on both CORE and Click, then try troubleshooting the Zwift Click and virtual shifting experience.
A Zwift Click troubleshooting guide can be found here.

If you are having fitment, installation, noise, or other resistance issues with the CORE, 
A CORE troubleshooting guide can be found here.

A Zwift Cog removal and installation guide can be found here.

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