Use ROLLR without a power meter (virtual power)

Virtual power explained

The ROLLR is primarily designed to function in Power Meter Connect mode (where the ROLLR connects to POWRLINK Zero pedals or another ANT+ power meter to transmit power and cadence data to a controlling app or device, allowing for dynamic resistance on the ROLLR in a ride simulation or ERG mode workout in a variety of ride simulation and training apps.

In order to make virtual riding and the ROLLR accessible to users who have not yet invested in a power meter, ROLLR is capable of transmitting roller speed data to provide virtual power data in certain ride simulation apps (ex. Zwift) without a power meter paired.  The ROLLR will broadcast the roller speed and those apps will calculate virtual power output and speed from that signal, allowing users to ride the virtual courses.

Because the power is indirectly calculated, rather than directly measured by a power meter, the ROLLR is not able to provide dynamic resistance based on elevation changes in this mode.  The rider's avatar will move relatively slower when the course turns uphill, but there will be no change in resistance in the ROLLR.  For the same reason, ERG mode workouts are not available when using virtual power mode in these apps. For the full experience in ride simulations and ERG mode workouts, a power meter, like the POWRLINK Zero pedals, will need to be paired.

Due to the accuracy limitations of virtual power, the acceptability of using virtual power in racing in the app is at the discretion of a given event's race directors.


  • ROLLR, updated to firmware version 1.0.6
  • An electrical connection
  • the Zwift ride app
  • Your bike, compatible with ROLLR

Virtual Power in Zwift

To enable virtual power in Zwift with a ROLLR, start by pairing the ROLLR. By default, the ROLLR will pair as Power Source, Controllable, and Cadence

De-select Power Source, Controllable, and Cadence.  Select Speed Sensor.



Select your tire size and KICKR ROLLR.



By default, the app will select an unlisted trainer.



Scroll up to find the ROLLR under Wahoo trainers. Select KICKR ROLLR and select OK.



The ROLLR will pair as both Speed Sensor and Cadence by default. De-select Cadence so that the ROLLR appears only under Speed Sensor.



With Cadence selected, Zwift will not register movement. De-selected, it will work as designed. You can pair another cadence sensor or nothing.



Go ride!

For more information on this pairing process, see Zwift's article. For questions/issues regarding the Zwift pairing process, Zwift settings, or ride dynamics, please contact Zwift support.  For questions/concerns about your ROLLR, please reach out to our support team using the link at the top of this page.

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