Track Running feature on RIVAL


What is Track Running Mode?

Track Running is a new feature that helps runners to more accurately record their track laps. When using the track running workout mode and marking laps, the RIVAL will progressively 'learn' the track shape, resulting in greater distance/pace accuracy as you continue to run on the same track.

Understanding the Feature

Track running helps correct distance, position, and pace inconsistencies often created by the inherent imprecision in GPS readings when running in a fixed space. Starting at the 100, 200, 300, or 400 meter mark and pressing the lap button as you complete a full lap of the track will allow the RIVAL to recognize the correct location of the 400m mark (relative to your start point).  After establishing the location of the completed lap, pressing the lap button within 25m of a 100 meter mark at the end of your chosen interval (100/200/300/400/800/1000/1600/3200m) will snap your distance to the closest 100m value and recalculate the pace value accordingly.  Using Track Running mode over time, a background algorithm refines the track shape from the GPS track, resulting in greater accuracy in distance and pace calculation.

For example, if you run one track lap but the distance on the RIVAL shows 375 meters. Pressing
the interval button as you reach your chosen 400 meter point at the 100/200/300/400 mark will adjust the distance of the just completed interval to 400 meters and adjust the pace to be based off the corrected distance.

For the best experience...

Run using lane 1, start in one of the corners at the 100, 200, 300, or 400 meter marks, and run at least two laps, marking each 400 meter lap by pressing the lap [upper right] button.

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