Summit Freeride [ELEMNT]


  • ELEMNT Roam v2, Bolt v2


  • iOS Companion App: 1.68.0+
  • Android Companion App:
  • ELEMNT ROAM v2 or BOLT v2 Firmware 15943+
  • Up to date local maps


What is Summit Freeride?

Summit Freeride is an expansion of our existing Summit climbing features, leveraging the expanded color, map data, and processing capacity of our Roam v2 and Bolt v2 ELEMNT computers to help the rider identify and anticipate climbs on the road ahead, even when a route has not been loaded.

Route-less climb detection

The original Summit Segments feature required a route to be loaded on the computer in order to detect and experience climbs along the route. Summit Freeride detects climbs along the road ahead without a route loaded. The feature will look and feel nearly identical to the existing Summit Segments features.

The computer uses the installed maps and elevation data to detect the road that that you are riding on, then calculates the elevation profile ahead, and uses the profile to detect climbs.  After a climb is detected, you will be alerted when approaching the start of the climb and it will be appear in the upcoming climb list on the Climb List page.

If you make a turn onto a new road to continue a climb, the computer will recalculate and extend the climb.  If you make a turn onto a flat or downhill section, the climb will be recorded as complete at the point of the turn. When a detected climb is completed, it will be added to the completed climbs list on the Climb List page.

Note on limitations:  Because there is no route loaded, the computer can only predict the topography ahead based on the road you are currently riding on. This can present some limitations - for example if a popular climb has several turns, the computer will only detect the profile of the climb up to the first turn. Once the rider makes a turn onto a new road, the climb will be recalculated and extended, but you will see the climb page values and elevation profile ‘jump’ to the profile on the new road. To prevent this experience, we would suggest loading a predefined route containing that climb. 

Additionally, due to the accuracy limitations of off-road data, Summit Freeride is not designed to work off-road. 

Always-on Elevation Preview

With or without a route loaded, Roam v2 and Bolt v2 will provide a colored elevation profile, subdivided in 10m increments, corresponding to the grade color categorization above, of the next 2 miles / 2 kilometers on the Elevation page or Map page (if Show Elevation Profile is toggled on).  
Note: The route-less elevation preview only presents the elevation ahead of the road you are currently riding on, and cannot anticipate turns you might wish to make. In places where the road you are currently riding has less than 2 mi / 2 km remaining before a turn or name change, the computer will show the topography remaining on that road section.  The computer may take up to 90 seconds to recalculate / regenerate the new topo preview after a turn.


Climbs on Map

The next detected climb will be shown on the map page using colored chevrons to indicate the grade of the climb corresponding to the following grade color categorization.


Climb Detection Customization

Climbs are classified as small, medium, and large by their average grade and distance. Uphill sections with less than a 3% average grade OR less than 250 meters in length are not classified/defined as climbs.


You can set which climbs (all, medium and large, or only large) are identified in as climbs in the ELEMNT app Settings > Summit Segments > Climb Detection.

Improved Climb Detection / Expanded Climb Definition

We revised the climb detection algorithm to include shorter, steeper climbs that would not have met our previous 500 meter / 3% average grade threshold. ELEMNT computers will now detect climbs starting at 400 meters / 3% average and scaling down to 250 meters / 7% to include very short/steep climbs.  The new parameters are reflected in the graph above.

For a complete explanation of all Summit features see ELEMNT Summit Climb Features.


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