KICKR Race Mode Feature

What is Race Mode?

This feature will increase the trainer's broadcast rate from the default 1Hz to up to 10Hz. This allows for faster power updates up to 10x per second and a more responsive avatar while riding in virtual worlds making riding and racing more realistic.

Compatible Trainers

Why use Race Mode?


With KICKR Race Mode activated, you’ll notice a boost in responsiveness to sudden changes of pace, allowing you to control and time attacks with precision.


KICKR Race Mode updates power upon each flywheel revolution. During a high speed sprint this can be up to 10 times per second, allowing the app to capture small peaks in wattage that aren’t reflected with slower broadcast rates.


Slower data broadcasts can create gaps in power data transmission. Over the course of a race, data gaps can cause your avatar to surge and lag, making it hard to pace and draft effectively. By relaying data faster to the app, KICKR Race Mode helps you realize the full picture of your effort, so you can be more responsive and better execute your race strategy.

How to use Race Mode

Prior to setting up your race app, open the Wahoo app, ensure the KICKR is paired and actively connected, navigate to Devices > your trainer > Race Mode and toggle on Race Mode.  Then close the app and pair to your race app as normal.

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