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Enhance your Wahoo RGT ride experience and racing tactics with KICKR STEER. This device puts in-game steering at your fingertips for a realistic, immersive ride. Simply attach KICKR STEER to your handlebars using the included ELEMNT bike computer mount and place your phone into the cradle. KICKR STEER utilizes the accelerometer in your phone and the RGT Remote App for iOS or Android, responding to subtle movements of the thumb paddles to guide your avatar through the course. KICKR STEER is detachable so you can ride indoors and easily remove to mount an ELEMNT bike computer for an outdoor ride.


Product Information

    • Part Number: WFKICKRSTEER

    • Weight: 1.75 lb / .8 kg

    • Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 5 in // 30 x 13 x 13 cm in smallest configuration
      Can grow up to 4 in / 10 cm in width and 2 in / 5 cm in height based on user adjustments.

    • Tray max area (phone/tablet compatibility): 3.7 x 6.7 in // 9.4 x 17.0 cm

    • Tray max weight capacity (phone/tablet compatibility): 3.3 lbs // 1.5 kg

    • Handlebar clamp size: 31.8 mm

    • Handlebar width compatibility: 36-46 cm 
    • Aluminum computer mount w/ ELEMNT compatible puck installed.

    • Steering accessory tray

    • Left / Right steering paddles

    • Garmin-compatible puck

    • GoPro mount

    • 3 and 4 mm allen/hex wrenches

    • Quickstart Guide

    • Important Product Info GuideSTEER-inthebox-800.png



  • Download the Full Wahoo KICKR STEER Quick Start Guide as a PDF for instructions in English and other languages.

  • Install the ELEMNT-style mount on your bars

      • Remove any existing device mounts. The supplied aluminum ELEMNT-style mount is required for strength.

      • Center the mount in line with the center of the stem and tighten the bolt.

      • Note: If using a Garmin mount you will need to replace the puck by removing the allen bolts holding the ELEMNT-style puck and then installing the Garmin-style puck.


    Install the steering paddles

      • Locate the left (L) and right (R) paddles. There are L and R indicators on the paddles to help you identify the correct side for mounting.

      • Slide the left paddle onto the left side (facing accessory) all the way in.

      • Repeat with right paddle.

      • Tighten bolts.


    Install the steering accessory onto the ELEMNT-style mount

      • Locate the mounting bracket slot on the accessory and slide the accessory on from the front of the bike.

      • You will feel and/or hear a “click!” when the accessory is correctly locked in.


    Adjust the steering paddles

      • With the accessory mounted, loosen the mount bolt to position the paddles where you feel most comfortable.

        Make note of the markers on the silver area to help with matching the left and right paddle positions.

      • Tighten the mount bolt and you are done!



  • Once your STEER unit is installed, you'll need to download the RGT Remote App for your phone or tablet to make use of the STEER accessory in game.


    The RGT Remote App is available for iOS and Android.


    Once installed, login with your Wahoo/RGT credentials.


Using the STEER

      • To use the STEER, login to the RGT Remote App, select the Steering tab, and set the phone face up in the STEER's tray.


      • In the RGT Remote App, select the screen rotation icon in the top middle for landscape mode and place the phone in the STEER's tray.

      • Select the Steering tab and toggle Tilt Control on.

      • When the STEER is level, tap the Calibrate button to set the balance point for the phone's accelerometers and/or gyroscope.

      • Start riding and set the Sensitivity to what feels comfortable for you.  Higher numbers will require greater input.

      • Tap or press down on the STEER's paddles to initiate a turn in that direction. 

    • If steering is unresponsive, force restart the Remote app.

    • If unresolved, log out of the Remote app, force restart the remote app, and log back in.

    • If unresolved, please note your RGT app version, device model and operating system, email address used in the RGT/Wahoo app, and submit a support request with details of the issue and what you have done to address it so far.

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