This article covers using KICKR Wi-Fi (KICKR v6 and BIKE v2) features with a Windows PC or Mac. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity(KICKR v6 and BIKE v2)

  • What is it? a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection (802.11b/g/n, 20 and 40 MHz channel widths, channels 1-11) between trainer and controlling device 
  • Why is it valuable? Wi-Fi connectivity offers a more robust connection solution for training in your home. Wi-Fi offers lower latency and higher throughput, expanding the capabilities of what our trainer can do.
  • How does it work? Through the Wahoo app or SYSTM Device Management, you can connect your trainer to your network. Once set up on a given Wi-Fi network , a KICKR reconnects automatically. See Directions below.
  • What apps are compatible?
    • Fulgaz - All platforms 
    • TrainerRoad - All platforms
    • Wahoo SYSTM - Windows and MacOS platforms
    • Zwift - All platforms


  • A 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, set to a channel between 1-11.
  • A KICKR v6 or KICKR BIKE v2

Note: In the case of some routers, the controlling device (computer) must be connected on the same subnet as the trainer (2.4GHz) in order for the trainer to be visible to the controlling device. This is a structural limitation of the router.
Routers identified with this limitation: Century Link C4000XG


  • Once the KICKR v6 or BIKE v2 is paired to the Wahoo App, select Settings > Sensors > KICKR (or BIKE).
  • Under Wi-Fi, tap 'Select Wi-Fi Network' and select your desired Wi-Fi network from the 'Available Networks'.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi network password and tap 'Connect'.
  • Once connected, the Network page will appear confirming that the trainer will now be discoverable by supported applications on that same network and provide the trainer's IP and Mac address.

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