How much space does a KICKR BIKE occupy when fully extended? [FAQ]

When used with the stock handlebars, stem, seatpost, and saddle and fully extended (ie saddle at max height and front frame fore/aft extension fully extended and stem at max height) AND accounting for the variable position of the flywheel and shifters when the CLIMB function is adjusted to its maximum and minimum tilts, the BIKE fits into an imaginary box of:

  • 60 in / 153 cm length (back edge of flywheel to tips of shifters -- when in different positions) [green]
  • 30 in / 76 cm width (outer edge of wheel on left rear leg to right rear leg) [red]
  • 46 in / 117 cm height (floor to top of saddle) [orange]

The floor area is  48 in / 122 cm length x 30 in / 76 cm width (created from the space from the front edge of the front foot to the outer edges of the wheels on the rear legs) [blue x red], but variability in the fore/aft extension + pitch adjustment range of the CLIMB function requires the space listed above. Failure to account for the space required when the CLIMB function is engaged runs the risk of damage to the BIKE or whatever object is in its path.

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