Using Virtual Power in Wahoo RGT


The Virtual Power feature allows users without a source of power such as a Power Meter or a Smart Trainer to connect to RGT and ride.

When using Virtual Power, Wahoo RGT takes the speed of your rear wheel and the resistance details (power curve) of your trainer or rollers to estimate your power.

Virtual Power can be used on the RGT desktop apps on Just Ride or Group Rides, but is not allowed in most RGT Races. 

What Do I Need to Use Virtual Power?

  • You will need a PC or Mac on which to run Wahoo RGT and connect using ANT+.  It is not possible to connect Virtual Power using Bluetooth, so you will not be able to use this on our Wahoo RGT mobile or AppleTV apps.
  • You will need an ANT+ enabled Speed Sensor
  • You will need an ANT+ Dongle connected to your PC or Mac
  • A Wahoo ROLLR (with no paired power meter) can be connected directly to the Wahoo RGT app using Bluetooth to provide virtual watts without a speed sensor

How Do I Connect?

  1. Ensure your ANT+ Dongle is plugged into your PC or MAC
  2. Open the RGT Cycling App
  3. Toggle ANT+ to the on position
  4. Connect your speed sensor to the app (and any other sensors you are using)
  5. You can now start pedaling and your avatar will move

Using Virtual Power in Wahoo RGT Races

Virtual power is not approved as a power source in the majority of Wahoo RGT races.

Virtual Power provides a consistent data point that can be used to create training zones, but is not generally considered accurate enough for racing. 

If you are at the start of a race, but your avatar does not move when you start pedaling,  Virtual Power is likely not approved for that particular race. You can verify the details of each race by checking the rules of each race to determine if Virtual Power is allowed.

If you would like to create a Race Event and allow for Virtual Power, you can allow this option in the "advanced" tab of the race details:



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